What is your favorite country to play?

  • For me, it’s Japan…
    the Japanese empire has the ability to grow steadily and blosom like a flower that gets enough water and sun…

    Germany is my second favorite…

  • I like Germany.  Always have, prolly always will….they are just so cool daddio  snaps fingers like a beatneck

  • Japan is my favorite, because it’s very difficult to attack and has a lot of room for expansion.

    Russia is interesting enough, but it doesn’t have that many funds.

    Germany used to be my favorite, but it gets tiring playing Fortress Europe every game.

    UK is pretty fun, since you’re usually responsible to taking Berlin.

    US is tough but relaxing since the large bulk of your territories is not subject to being taken over.

  • Japan is my favorite.  I love the options you have and they just seem so important  in winning the game for the axis.

  • Japan… since they are the key to Axis victory.

  • Germany…since they are the other key to Axis victory.

  • In a group, I like to play as Japan.

  • i think UK is the coolest and most fun nation to play. I think this because its kinda like America Jr., it has less money but starts out with more units. Is close to the enemy but omnipitent in a way because of its island nation status. Its safe, but has enough to largely effect the war early on ( America usually isnt that significant until the  end). So, i think Uk is the coolest nation to play.

  • 12 votes so far and axis lead with 5 votes for each country…
    many people want to play as the underdog apparently…

  • The axis is only the underdog from a historcal point of view.  From the games point of view the axis are the easier powers to play since you don’t have to work together as much to come out ahead.  It takes more skill to play the allies well.

  • Got into a game last night and I must say that besides Japan, it was my first chance to play russia and I must say that I love them.  Sure they don’t get to do much but they are key to allied victory.  Even though I had few moves, I felt like each one was probably the most important of the round because If I fell before germany, game pretty much over for the allies.  I still have yet to play with USA.

  • wow,

    most of the people like playing with the Axis more.
    (like I do…)

    I didn’t see that one coming…

  • I say Russia.  I like it because I’m so good at it.  I can’t remember the last time I made an error as them.  Somehow, I’m able to sit back, play the IPC game, and then make a sweeping advance into Germany every time.  I feel the power of building slowly until my forces, as far as sheer numbers are concerned, outnumber those of everyone else on the board combined.  My second favorite is Japan.  There is just no resistance until Moscow.  No one is even paying attention to you, yet you come across Asia in a manner rebellious to history.  Very interesting part of the game.  Germany, at least in games played my-family-style (which is an game of heavy industrial bombing and slow combat which is familliar to us implants who played the revised edition first and which, I am proud to say, crushes the Axis just as it did in the real war), is bogged down in a dreary economic game in which the English speaking varmints such the life out of you.  This is awful.  Some may like being the center of attention but being Germany, to me, is like being the bulls eye, the center of bad attention.  Britain was fun until I realized that when I played a Japanese player like myself who does not fight in the Pacific long-term, an Indian industrial complex is destroyed first turn, second turn if I’m lucky.  In my games they are a one unit wonder: heavy bomber, heavy bomber, heavy bomber; important, but it takes all of thirty seconds.  And the US never really enters the action.  They either fail, or the Germans see their doom and surrender.

  • It’s Germany. Or Japan. Anyway, it’s the Axis.

    Is it the “underdog” status? Is it the “all against me” feeling of the axis powers? Is it the fact that that my grandpa and his Tiger opened Shermans in Normandy like I’m opening tuna cans?

    Dunno, but playing Axis is definitely more fun for me than playing Allies.

    It’s simply more challenging.

  • The game itself is a pleasure to play.

  • Japan and UK are a tie for me because they both are spread out across a large portion of the map and both have lots of naval and air battles, which are the most fun I think.

  • Whoa
    out of 27 votes the US has ZERO.

    I thought of voting US because its one of the harder countries to learn to play right, you have to think a few turns forward all the time and you have a real hard time changing your strategy with the US because of their distance, where other countries basically can decide their buys for the moment.
    But then I thought how much fun it is to play Japan and placed my vote there.

  • I voted Japan, but agree that US has been undervalued. They have a whole lot of options as to how they want to play, the first and largest of which is who they want to fight. UK is generally wrapped up in Germany, and Russia has to fight both fronts whether they like it or not, but the US can concentrate in the Pacific or head over to Europe, with a plethora of strategy options for both.

  • I will go with the US because it is more of a challange to involve them in the rescue effort on both sides of the board.  If Arrica is saved in the first round than the us must save  Russia and dump tanks in Asia.

  • @clownsy:

    If Africa is saved in the first round than the us must save Russia and dump tanks in Asia.

    easier said then done…

  • What the snot is arrica?

  • a tipyng mistake  😛

  • Its pretty obvious what Arrica is… so why did you make a comment on it?

  • Umm because I obviously don’t have your genious level inteligence so It was not obvious to me.  I would like the freedom to ask questions with out smart alleck remarks from the peanut gallery.  My question still has not been answered.  Is it america?

  • @clownsy:

    I will go with the US because it is more of a challange to involve them in the rescue effort on both sides of the board. If Arrica is saved in the first round than the us must save Russia and dump tanks in Asia.

    I’m pretty sure clownsy is referring to Africa, as America doesn’t need anyone to save them in the first round. Besides R and F is pretty close to each other on the keyboard, so it would be pretty hard to mistype America to arrica.
    Besides I would like to state that my previous comment wasn’t in any way meant as an insult of any kind!

    -Daniel Malus

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