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    @kilroy said in 👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    Hi everyone, my name is Hunter. I used to be somewhat active on here about 2-3 years ago before life hit me in the face. I made a new account because I forgot the log in to my old one.

    WELCOME BACK!!! Hope you join the league for some fun and tough competition!

  • Hello A&A.Org crowd. I used to be a regular on the forums and avid gamer many years ago, but dropped off due to various life commitments. Now I find myself in possession of this wonderful thing called Axis and Allies 1940 so here I am again to peruse the thoughts of strategy masters.

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    @hypnos97 said in 👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    Hello A&A.Org crowd. I used to be a regular on the forums and avid gamer many years ago, but dropped off due to various life commitments. Now I find myself in possession of this wonderful thing called Axis and Allies 1940 so here I am again to peruse the thoughts of strategy masters.

    WELCOME!!! Global 40 is a great game and there are many excellent and friendly players on this site to help you improve your play and to compete against.

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    A big hello from here in England to everybody.

    Used to play a lot of Risk with my friends when we were younger, one of whom would try to talk us into playing a game called Axis and Allies but we always just stuck to Risk. Can’t remember why, but about 10 years ago I downloaded TripleA and played 2 or 3 games over email at TripleA War Club (which seems to have gone now). Enjoyed it, but for whatever reason left it at that.

    It popped back into my head again recently and I thought it might fit in well amongst family commitments and flexible working (I’ve always been a sucker for a good strategy game). Got TripleA again, found this site, and I’m now playing a few games (mostly Global 40 2nd Ed) on these forums and thoroughly enjoying it. A lot to learn, but I’ve found this community to be very helpful and these forums easy to use and a great resource.

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    @flyingbadger Welcome Dave! We have a few of us from England on this website, about half of whom get together every three months at the Battle of Britain (see the Events forum). So if you want to play any of us face to face some time then let us know where you are and whether you are interested. Cheers!

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    @flyingbadger WELCOME! Being able to play awesome wargames via TripleA is definitely convenient. While I always prefer a face to face game this is the next best thing available.

  • Howdy. My name is Ken Magnuson (Magnum). I live in Sacramento, California.
    My introduction to A&A was through the Iron Blitz computer game 20 years ago. I bought the Revised version about 10 years ago, but never played it until about 3 years ago when I met someone through a meet-up site and began playing once a month.
    We now play AA42.2 and mostly AA50. We have only tried AAG.2 twice and AAP.1 twice. We would like the play AAG.2 more often, but the 32" map does not fit on a 30" folding table very well. It is also a long game, and would be best if we had a game room where we could leave the board sitting for a week.
    The only customization that we use is an Excel sheet that we can use for tracking IPCs. We find a form for tracking IPCs is much better than cash bills or chips. The human mind wants to fill in blanks on any form, so with this tracking sheet we keep up with not only our purchases but also our opponents spending. This way we are much less likely to “forget” purchases or income. There is room for each country to track Starting IPC, -Purchases, + Income, - Convoy, SBR losses, + NO, and Starting IPC for the next turn.
    When it comes to A&A. I love variety in all ways. I like National Advantages, Event Cards, National Objectives, and especially Technology. This is unfortunate because the person that I play against 90% of the time is just the opposite. He views A&A as a chess game, to be played repeatedly with no variation, with low luck, in order to refine ones attacks and defenses. We get along well because he likes the Allies and I like the Axis.
    I like your website because it helps me to dream of all the possibilities. We can’t play right now because of COVID-19, but I can read from your website and then spend hours daydreaming about things. Cheers to daydreams!

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    @magnum Have you ever considered playing over the YouTube with others, I’ve been doing YouTube Wars for over 3 years myself and been usually playing for most of those weeks!!!

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    Welcome Magnum!

  • @magnum

    I read you only play ftf games? Have you ever heard of Triplea? This is a pc program which offers you a lot of gameplay. Like for instance play by email or trough this forum or even online (which seems like you are playing ftf if your friend and you join the same room (bot). This program also makes life much easier for you. I read you use a Excel sheet, well this program does everything for you. Keeping track of purchase phase, combat movement, combat, non combat movement etc.

    I really suggest you download it and try it out. You can find the program here:


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    Hi Magnum - WELCOME👍

    Since you appreciate variety in all ways, you might want to check out the House Rules forum, especially the Global 1940 version. There is a guarantee of inspiration - and variety.

  • Hey names Steve live in west Virginia now… I won Americka board game off here a few months back… I play global 40…since I moved I hand built a new table that I was thinking about posting pics of… Along with my painted peice.

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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    You should definitely post pictures of your game board and units.

    Go to “Customizations” and make a “New Topic”.

    Since you play Global 1940, I suggest you check out the thread “Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion” - released 20th April 2021 under “House Rules”.

    We also work on a version of these rules for use with TripleA - more about that later.

    If you’re looking for fun & challenge - you definitely came to the right place👍

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    @stuka80 You should get yourself a YouTube channel to show off your table, maybe even immerse into some YouTube Wars with others!!!

  • @nolimit Welcome Steve,
    WOW you sound like a reak pro.
    Have you ever played D Day?

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    @eisenhower I have, however I didn’t care for it because it feels more like playing Memoir 44 than A&A…😕

  • @nolimit hey nolimit I love your videos and yeah I watch all the guys… Sireblood, GI Joe, Hambone, and I have definitely thought about a channel but I don’t know if I’m that type of guy… I’m. Not worried about ppl… I was military and when I got out I have been a police officer… So ppl don’t make me nervous… But I am not camera friendly lol…idk… Maybe I just need to do it and not worry… I see you having fun in your videos and it’s awesome. I was close to starting but then backed out lol maybe I will do videos without showing my face like so many others…lol

  • @eisenhower I have never played it… I would definitely try… If it’s a board game and WW2 related I’d never turn it down lol

  • @the-plastic-commando love the videos bro… I keep thinking about making some myself but can’t seem to make that leap… I’m not a video kinda guy lol

  • @the-captain Thank I appreciate that… And your the same captain that makes YouTube videos are you not? If so I am a fan.

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    @stuka80 Even I don’t show my whole face, always wear sunglasses in front of the camera- for YouTube Wars I don’t really show my mug at All!!!

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    @stuka80 Think you’re thinking of the Good Captain, I believe the “Captain” doesn’t have a channel just yet but I highly suggest that he should!!!

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    My YouTube video hasn’t been released yet - it’ll be ready by the end of this summer.

    So, it’s probably another Captain’s video 👌

    As a former Army Officer (Captain) I understand your concern about making video on YouTube etc.

    We discussed our YouTube Video options in our Axis & Allies Veteran Players Group - and since most of us are former soldiers we agreed to go ahead no matter what.

    I hope that you’ll post pictures of your game board etc. Many players in this forum have posted great pictures - it’s all very inspiring👍

  • @the-captain some food for thought thanks… I was a lowly E-5. I was going for career. It was definitely the place for me. My deployments to my post time I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it all but I wouldn’t change a second of it. And after all that, it was a training jump that took my knee… Isn’t that the way it goes. But I will always have A&A global lol

  • @stuka80
    Sometimes make believe is better than the real thing. I never thought of that, I guess to be in any branch of the military you have to be fit for physically for service, I guess they couldn’t just give you an office job?

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