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    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    I recommend that you check our dedicated Revised-category

    Also BoardGameGeek is a good source:

    Have fun 🙂

  • I am dicebot.

  • Hello, been on the forum for close to a year but I haven’t really introduced myself yet.

    I live in Phoenix AZ and I’m always open to play with other players. I currently play about once a month, but I want to play way more.

    Currently I own
    Axis And Allies Europe 1940 (2nd)
    Axis And Allies Pacific 1940 (2nd)
    Axis And Allies Classic (2nd)
    Axis And Allies D-Day (2nd)
    Axis And Allies Nova
    Axis And Allies & Zombies
    Axis And Allies 1941

    But I do plan to get more and to soon get some games from HBG and I will play any game.

    I’ve been playing Axis And Allies for two years when I looked up WWII Board Game online and I’ve been loving the game ever since

  • Hello, my name is Michael Phong Mitchell. I am from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I lived in the states most of my life. Now, I am back in my city of birth again. I would love to play against anyone one on one in the classic Axis & Allies for now until I can get comfortable with the game once again. Once I am comfortable with the game again, I am willing to expand to other Axis & Allies games. The one game I am willing to try out is Axis & Allies: 1914, the game I have always been wanting to play!! I have never heard of it until I came to this site. I also would love to play Axis & Allies: 1939, a scenario before Hitler invaded Poland. I am also willing to try out Axis & Allies: Global War 1936-1945. The latter two are the one I have been wanting to play so very badly!!

    The only Axis & Allies game I had ever played was the Classic Axis & Allies: 1st and 2nd Edition (1984). I have not play in ages since I had no one to play against and I usually played by myself. I only played against one person who was evenly matched with me so we would win with the Allies. Only once did I lose with the Allies because I was rusty. I have always wanted to play the game again as it is my all-time favorite war game. I want to test myself against other players to test my skills and strategies. I am very adaptable in the game. I have been trying to find an android game of Axis & Allies, but there are no Axis & Allies games, only similar games like World Conqueror 2, 3, and 4, my most played World War II games.

    My Facebook is Mikey Phong Mitchell if you want to make friends with me. Please let me know you got my FB on here. I do not accept random friend requests at all. I am trying to get in touch with my game friend whom I played Axis & Allies with.

  • 2019

    Hello. My name is Russell McKee. I live in Alabama. I’ve been playing A&A both online and F2F for a long time starting with the old Hasbro days. I own and play all the major A&A games but I’m still learning the finer points of Global 40. It was a crushing blow when GTO bit the dust… It’s hard to find players these days. I am super excited to see 42SE incarnated as a online game especially with LH GenCon 3 setup.
    I’d like to play live a couple of times a week (US Central Time; GMT-6 during the winter) and have a couple of async games going as well. I’m mostly a consumer of Forum content.

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    Hi rem400.


    Would you consider joining the G40 league? It is a great community that will gladly help you get things set up in case you need assistance.

    Give it a try!

  • @CrazyIvan, like you, I also am looking for those who play the classic version as it is the only one I know of. I do not know how to play the newer versions. If you like, we can be friends on Facebook and discuss when we can play against each other. I hope that we can arrange for a time to play against each other. I would like to play the Axis when we first play against each other. My gaming Facebook is Dana Phoenix, the name of my Archer in Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeons & Dragons Online. Anyone can add me as a friend from this site, but you need to let me know who you are first before sending me a friend request.

  • @djensen Greetings All!
    My name is Phil Hammond and I have been playing historical miniatures and board games since I was in High School a long time ago in a galaxy far away. My major in interests in Axis & Allies is in the Air War games (Angels 20/Bandits High) and War at Sea though I have played the original Axis & Allies traditional. I was sad to see my two favorites get dumped by Wizards at the Coast but they survive on the secondary market. Last gaming convention I attended I managed to run an Axis & Allies Air War in the Med game and this coming year I will be running a Cactus Air force Pacific scenario at another convention.
    As a special note, if you shop around you can get into Air War for as little as $10 for a starter pack thanks to Black Friday deals right now.

    When not playing Axis & Allies I can be found playing SAGA Dark Ages, Bolt Action WW2, 28mm Ancients and various rules for 28mm ACW and AWI miniatures.
    Happy Holidays to all!

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