👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current)

  • @Th3LastP1g

    Okay - great, thanks:+1:

  • @djensen said in 👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    Where are you from?
    What Axis & Allies games do you like to play?
    How often do you play?
    Do you use any customizations (tables, painted pieces) or house rules?

    Hi MajorJoey here, a few facts to follow

    Born and raised Sw_Philly_Burbz 56years now
    I am an Engineer for Radiology -Computed Tomography @ The Hospital of Univ Of Pa
    unnamed (2).jpg
    I have played all axis and allies games since the beginning, 1984 , mostly getting back into the A&A G40 , ordered a Map from Lt Dan , hoping to make totally customized game at some point and share what I can , just kicking off the journey at this point

    watching videos by Sireblood and Yound grasshopper , MooseCow etc and learning best I can

    see Ja Around

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    WELCOME!!! @MajorJoey

    Glad you are here and enjoy the site. I suggest you pick up some games via TripleA from the top players and check out their games to see some top play.

  • @AndrewAAGamer I am currently playing Tripe A solitaire to get a feel for the game. I plan on contacting some people for Triple A and doing a better job of introducing myself in a week or so. I am so happy to have found this site.

  • Welcome @Draginfut What version are you playing ?

  • Hi all, I’m from New Jersey and have been playing a ton of global 1940 lately both physically and on tripleA. Been stalking the league games and other threads and would love to be apart of the community :) .

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    Oh, wow, I don’t think I’ve ever posted here.

    I joined on January 6, 2019 according to the site’s statistics. EDIT - (NO - 2009, not 2019!) I found this site after playing the revised version somewhere else. I love being able to play a turn of Axis and Allies at my leisure and own timeframe (play by e-mail, play by forum).

    We used to play with “ABattlemap” which was just a digital A&A map with little rectangle icons that you dragged to territories. We typed in every move, and rolled dice on the forum.

    AA50 came out, around that time? 2008 I think. That game was a huge breakthrough in A&A, with national objectives being introduced, and Italy as a playable power that balanced it out, 3 on 3 instead of the wicked double move by the Allies.

    After enough years, and after some vacancies I was and still feel honored to be a moderator on the site. I still can’t believe it.

    I have been supervising and organizing and moderating the A&A.org league for many years, and it has been amazing. Because all the guys from around the world (mostly USA and Europe) that enthusiastically play A&A here in the league are high quality and interesting and fun people.

    Check out the league forum if you’ve ever played A&A on the TripleA program, or even if you haven’t and you are intrigued.

    You don’t have to sign up for the league and there is no commitment. Basically it standardizes rules, has a moderator who will ensure fair play, and most importantly? a standings/rankings board where you can see how you stack up against your fellow A&A enthusiasts. Beware. They are enthusiasts and they are experienced and good at the game. But there are players for every skill level, and the rankings board is so helpful in finding the caliber of player you are looking for.

    It’s OK to lose. Learn a lot and improve. Here’s a link to the league.

    All you do is ask for a game in the “Find League opponents” thread under “League”. You play someone a game that is within the league forum play section of this site, finish one game, and you are on the board, it’s that easy.

    I have experience with Classic (been a long time), Revised, 50th Anniversary edition, Global 1940 (came out in 2012), and A&A&Zombies. If you want to talk about any of these games, I would love to receive a Private message from you.

    I am one of the top posters on the site (especially because of playing AA50 by forum the old way - which was a LOT of posting) at 26,100 posts. So I love A&A and I value this site very much, and I’m writing all this in hopes that you will investigate more and find out why so many people frequent this website.

  • Hello! I’m a young man in my 20s who comes from upstate New York and now lives in Texas.

    I was introduced to Axis & Allies around the age of 12 by a pair of childhood friends. They’re brothers who played the Revised edition with their dad and whomever else they could convince to join them. I played several games of Revised with them throughout my teens, and then got my own 1942:2E in the summer after I graduated high school. I’ve only had two opportunities to use it, unfortunately, but I’m looking to establish personal group now that I’ve settled down.

    I like to keep the gameplay experience very close to what the designers intended. My metagame interests include:

    • simplifying rules to assist new players
    • porting newer gameplay systems to older editions (e.g. adding R&D to 1940:2E)
    • low-cost cosmetic improvements (e.g. physical IPCs)
    • mathematical and computational modeling of A&A combat

    Thank you to the enthusiasts before me who built and maintained resources like this website.

  • @GigaSmoot


    what exactly do you mean ? You gonna create a new game ? Critique current ones ? Not sure what you’re saying :)

    Welcome to the site :)

  • 2023

    @barnee 2nd edition 1940

  • @GigaSmoot Welcome. Where in Texas?

  • @MAG Austin! My fiance is attending grad school here, and I followed her down. Do you live in Texas?

  • @GigaSmoot I am in Dallas.

  • 2023

    @MAG Hi, I am in Richmond Va. Want to work out a time for a Triple A game of G40 2nd edition?

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    Hi @Draginfut,

    I recommend looking over the league section of this site

    G40 2nd edition is one of the 3 versions played here, in TripleA. There is no commitment to play multiple games and no signup. Just post in the “find league opponents” stickied thread, and shouldn’t be long until you have a match.

    Standings board is available so that you don’t play somebody too weak or too strong. Many other benefits, including moderator support, and dozens of players who are knowledgeable with TripleA and G40 2nd edition.

  • @MajorJoey I am from Irving TX and still live in Irving TX.
    I have 1942 2E, both 1940 2E, and Global War 1936.
    my favorites are the 40’s and the Global War 1936.

  • @GigaSmoot What part of Texas are you in?
    I have a group in Dallas if you are interested. We have been looking for players in the DFW metroplex.
    We are getting together on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December at a place called Common Ground Games in Dallas where we will be playing G 40 2E, and some 1914.

  • Hello everyone. I’ve been reading here for years but have never posted. Started playing 1942 a few years ago with some buddies that have been playing since they were kids. Then we started playing global 1940, what a big difference. There are 5-6 of us that play on Monday nights when our golf league ends. Up here in northeastern Ohio, that means October-April. Love to read the posts and contemplate different strategies. Still learning a lot. We have about a dozen games of 1940 under our belts, and it still feels like we have a rules discussion every game, but I think we finally have them down. We are starting this year’s session tonight.

  • @Sebskullian-0 I am in Dallas.

  • @GeneralLeRoy Great and interesting post -
    If you didn’t notice it, go down a few posts where I posted about the league - maybe 1 of your guys would be interested.
    Plenty of G40 veterans there
    It is really cool you moved on to G40 and like it.

    And if you’re unsure of any rules, there is a thread dedicated to that here

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