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  • @eisenhower
    At least now you can be a general, something few would obtain in real life. I Knew a man in the national guard that was a colonel and then he got promoted to general. I was so excited to actually know a general. He enjoyed my enthusium.

  • Hello everyone I’m Ricardo Fuentes , i’m from Puerto Rico, how good it is to meet you all

  • @ricardo-fuentes

    Welcome…I love Puerto Rico, a beautiful place. Went there on My honeymoon.

  • @eisenhower they could have and offered but I was Airborne infantry 11B I didn’t want to take a desk job at 19 turning 20. We don’t make our most educated decisions at that age. But still have a 9 year career with the Army that I’m grateful for.

  • @stuka80
    WOW, you did at least have some adventure.
    I would have been too afraid to jump from an airplane.

  • @eisenhower I recivied my honorable discharge in 2003 so my last just was 2003 before I got out… Just a practice jump. After numerous jumps… The practice one is the one jump that took my knee. Figures dosent it

  • Hello. I’m Martin, from Denmark, Europe.
    I have been playing A&A classic since 1983, and some other versions later on. At the moment I like the Zombie version a lot, but with our own “MOAR ZOMBIES” version 😉 I like that you can choose more or less any strategic target as Axis, and still have a shot at winning, which is not absolutely true in Global40. But I like that one too! 😉

    I haven’t played much online, mostly IRL on Fastaval, and in the local Board-gaming club. In Sønderborg, Denmark.
    I also like other boardgames, and I have an account at Boardgamearena with the same nametag.

    I’m open to invites! 😉

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    Welcome Martin!

    I was lucky enough to be a part of an introductory party for Zombies for a group of us Seattle gamers. After we played it we got a free signed copy! Wizards of the Coast was extremely nice to us and I was very impressed by them. Hope you enjoy this site!

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    @stuka80 welcome . And you started playing in 83. Wow! You must have been one of the first to play it . There aren’t many on this forum who have played as long as you.
    I discovered it in October 87.

  • @witt Oh. Actually I got a copy of the Classic game as a parting gift, when I left the “kollegie” in Copenhagen in 83… EDIT : Must have been spring 84, cause that’s when I moved back to Sønderborg

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    Hi all,
    I joined up just over 2 weeks ago. Been playing the board game version of Axis and allies with my older brother on and off for about 20 yrs. He has i think all the different versions of A&A, but we mostly play 1941, by the normal rules. We’ve tried with tech turned on and off, and also tried with national objectives and found it better with that turned off. And we’re toying with the idea of normal rules, but with a few house rules applied of our own, which we both have thrown around a few ideas to keep the game interesting 🙂
    My brother also has a massive table with printed out maps, hes painted the units. On a secret note, i think hes more of a game nerd than me when it comes to board games. But im more of a computer game nerd 🙂
    Then he told me about this site recently and TripleA.
    I could see myself spending a bit of time on here playing A&A with him or even in the future with other players, so i signed up to support the site, but for some reason the badge isn’t showing up for me.
    From Australia, im a game nerd, a space nerd, and bit of a sci fi nerd too 👽 😁
    Anyway, theres a brief intro, happy gaming everyone 🙂

  • @captainsquareyez
    welcome. Australia is a great country.Beautiful
    all Axis and Allies games are great.
    Fun and not overly complicated as many other war board games.
    It is fun to use little soldiers and plane and tanks too, makes it fun.
    I like d day…very easy to play yet realistic

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    @eisenhower Thanks.
    Yeah, have yet to play them all. Im sure my brother and i will get around to them all one day 🙂
    I think he has D-Day as well. Will have to ask him about it

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    WELCOME! I love hearing about family playing together. I used to play against my older brothers. They are 15, 13 and 11 years older than me so when I was little they would never let me play with them; I just watched. Then when I got to be a teenager I finally was able to play against them and I won some and lost some. It was great. Once I got really good and beat them all the time they wouldn’t play with me anymore. Wussies…

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    @captainsquareyez said in 👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    I think he has D-Day as well. Will have to ask him about it

    I think D Day is by far the best “small” game they came out with. It is simple to play, is very balanced, and it usually comes down to the very last Turn either side can win. Pretty cool.

  • @andrewaagamer funny…great memories.

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    @andrewaagamer Thanks. I never been able to beat my brother at this game, but i finally did last night. We just started another game, will be interesting now, coz he now knows i was taking my time in my turns, trying to out battle him lol. It paid off, but, we’ll see how the new game goes. Think i will have to try different strategies this time

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    Well CONGRATULATIONS! That is a great feeling to keep at something and lose and lose and lose and then finally win. I applaud you! 👏

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    @andrewaagamer Thanks. It was a good feeling :).I even asked him if he let me win lol, but turns out he just made a few small errors and it cost him.

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    I am glad he didn’t let you win; I am firmly against that. For a win to be treasured it has to be earned. Nothing given freely is appreciated.

    My second oldest brother started teaching me to play basketball when I was about 13 years old. He was a PE teacher and really great. He was unfortunately short, slow and couldn’t jump but I tell you honestly he had the skills of any pro basketball player and thus played way over his talent level. He taught me all the basic skills and we would play one on one sometimes while waiting for everyone to show up to play “real” games.

    At first he gave me a handicap where he would only shoot outside the paint. He still beat me 21-0 most of the time. I remember getting even one point and being happy. Over time I was able to get more and more points, 3-4 then 5-6 and then 8-10. After that he started shooting inside the paint but no layups. The same scenario happened where he cleaned my clock but I started scoring more and more and making it more difficult for him.

    After a few years, about when I was 17, we started playing even up - no handicaps. He would beat me handily; like 21-5. But as the months went by I got better and better and I remember with pride getting into the low teens. Eventually the games became close. I would get 15-18 points but couldn’t get over the hump. Then the epic battles where we would be 20-20 and have to go to overtime. Man did he push hard when I had a chance to win!!!

    Finally, when I was 19, I finally beat him. A close game we went 24-22 me. It was one of the greatest days of my life. For years he had owned me and finally I had beaten him. I was so proud. For a few years he still won more than he lost but as he got older and I was in my prime, mid-20s, I started beating him more than he beat me. Father Time is cruel to everyone.

    I can’t imagine if he had ever been easy on me and let me win. The happiness and joy and pride I experienced was only because I had worked so hard and put so much effort into it and was finally legitimately rewarded. That is what life is, the same effort and dedication, and sports are a great tool for teaching someone all the important concepts of life.


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    @andrewaagamer Yeah, definetly agree with you there. At least for myself, there is no satisfaction in being allowed to win. I want to earn it, so i learn something from it. There is no learning in giving a win, only in earning the win. Thanks again, i appreciate it ☺

  • @captainsquareyez
    Just remember on thing.
    The side with the most stuff wins…USA
    The side that has spread his resources to thin always loses…Germany.
    Hitler was very stupid to think that he can make war with everyone and win.

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    @eisenhower Well, it wasnt easy, but the axis won against the allies in a total victory game 🙂
    But yeah, i kinda will have to agree with that for the most part. USA seems to start off with more PU’s and so, can build up more of a army than any other nation in the game. But, the dice, and strategies can make or break a game for anyone, axis or allies, i think 🙂

  • Hi All,

    I’m a solo player from Melbourne, Australia. Years ago I owned a copy of Axis & Allies Classic, but never really got into it at the time (too many other competing priorities) and gave my copy away (now much regretted!).

    I’ve reconnected with the game in the last few years and now have copies of A&A Anniversary Edition, A&A 1914, and A&A D-Day. During all these Covid lockdowns I’ve been playing a lot of A&A Anniversary Edition, solo, and have achieved very different outcomes from my games. I play a full turn at a time, then have a break to review and consider strategy for the next turn, and the games usually stretch over a couple of days. I find the dice roles in the first few turns can often be decisive.

    Another strategy I use in solo games to create uncertainty is to mimic historical Axis behaviour in the early war period in the first few turns… i.e. be as aggressive as possible and see how far that (and the dice roles) can take you! On the flip side I enjoy playing the British Empire because of the immediate global scale of operations and the need to carefully manage your resources.

    Good gaming to you all!

    Andrew (aka “Digger”)

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    @digger Welcome to the site digger !

    If you’re interested, you can play online. Solo or with others


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