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  • I’m not new to Axis and Allies but I’m new to all the newer versions. I originally started playing back with the original when I was a young kid and loved it from day one. Guess that was the late 70’s I think and played pretty solid for about 4 years. Then didn’t start playing again until Revised came out in 2004. I used to play Revised a lot on gametableonline until the site got shut down. Never really got into TripleA. Then again got away from Axis and Allies for many years though I did buy the original Anniversary edition in 2008 but still haven’t played it to date. Now I’m seeing all the G40 interest so I’m starting the long process of building my table, printing the map and painting custom pieces. To date I have the 72”x33” G40 map, all the nation roundels, waiting on YG’s national objective cards and have the US navy fleet custom painted. I’m planning on playing my 1st G40 game in May. Wife and 2 young kids keeps me very busy so I have to schedule way out lol. My goal is to partially convert my casita office into a gaming room. At some point when I get some games under my belt I may try the YouTube wars.

    I’m from Orange County CA where I lived my whole life until the last 1 1/2 years. I now live in Las Vegas and love it!

  • Hello. My name is James I live in South Florida. I have been a huge fan of Axis and Allies since I was 10 years old. I remember the day I first saw the game at a local kaybee toy store. At that time I loved war movies (old ones) and loved playing army men. There was something about that game that called to me. I begged my parents to buy it . That was an expensive game for 1984 i believe it was around 45- 50 dollars. So needless to say it took weeks of begging and chores before they knew I really wanted it. It’s probably why I majored in History in the first place. I learned a lot from play Axis (it’s what I always called it) It had a chess like quality and i loved chess as well so to me it had everything I loved. I played it with my friends often. More often than they liked it course. It was hard finding people to play that game at that age who actually liked it and understood how to play. So to make it interesting when I hit high school my friends and I played for real money. When you lost a territory it was the dollar amount in ipc’s that the losing player has to give you. So the more territories you owned of a player when the game ended the more money you won for winning the game. So needless to say people played a little different in order to collect a big win. I love everything about the game the tactics , strategy, game flow, and economics. I

    I use to own every version of game. But when I was in my 30s i had lost my job, my girl and my house. The trifecta of doom. So I sold most of all my possessions including all but original axis game including original Anniversary edition. That was a tough one but someone offered me 800 dollars for it So I couldn’t say no. There was a long time of no gaming before I stumbled across Axis and allies global. I was ecstatic . I bought both versions of second edition and with a new group of nerd friends we began playing again. I have played at Orgins game fair several years in tournaments. Those guys there can play boy whooo. It was always a brain busting game. I love playing high level Axis it is the BEST. I enjoy discussing strats because there is always something new to try that forces opponents to buy things they don’t want . Once I saw the revival of the game and all the custom pieces that exist now I was complete floored. The passion i saw in other players made me get back into the game. It’s nice to see people who are crazy as you about a game most people don’t give a deal about. Thank you internet.

    I have all the rules to all the games including 3rd party rules over the years made by crazies like us. I submitted them to young grasshopper to distribute to fellow players if they were interested in them. I have been a member in here before but time gets away from you and I don’t post a lot anymore. But I love to see the discussions in the forums from the younger players. Since games table went offline i wasn’t able to play Axis online since the pc game from 1998. The games table versions was great. But that triple a game isn’t bad at all. You just need to look at the board carefully because you forget to move things because the colours blend too much. If anyone is looking to play a game online i am ready to play. If anyone is in the South Florida area and would like to have a game i also would be eager to play. It’s nice to see such a large group of player here to chat about a game that’s been in my life 34 years.

    Thank you for the site.

  • @djensen

    Hey all!

    Been following Young Grasshoppers 3G40 project at the Cliffside bunker on YouTube. 1940 combined is what I have fallen in love with so this project blew me away! So… I just bought the 1987 version to pick up light carriers! Next payday I plan to pick up Anniversary edition as YG suggested. This looks to be well thought out and has everything except for terrain like 1936 depicts, which I think is a bit too much for AA.

    So… being very excited, I downloaded Media Fire (sp?) and tried to download the map file. Nothing happens when I clicke on the download link? Not sure if it’s that the free version won’t allow me or my Mac won’t or something else is preventing me from downloading the map. Can’t wait to get this file and get it printed! Beautiful job YG & Gargantua!
    AdmrlScuttlebut Out!

  • Hello everyone, I’m Tom, a 59 years old that just purchased A&A Europe 1940 2nd.

    I’m new to A&A and am setting the game up for the first time, I will be teaching myself as I go. I hope I don’t get overwhelmed with game rules and game play. I’m very glad I found this group and am looking forward to reading through the forum(s) for advise and info. It may seem weird but I’m sure I’ll be playing alone more times than not as the others in the family lack the patience to sit and study the rules.

    I am a school bus driver by profession and am excited about the fast approaching summer vacation where I will have time for this game and this forum.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    You can play online, and it will help you get an understanding of how things works.

    It can take awhile to complete games, but some prefer it because it’s as simple as one or two moves a day.

    Download tripleA here.

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    @prop_nutt As Garg says many here play fellow forum members using free s/w. Let us know if you want any help with that.

    The other comment I might make is that you have a mid - complexity A&A variant. Some of your friends might find it easier to start with the simplest / quickest variant - which is 1941 - and build from there. Of course forum colleagues who love the complex challenges of A&A can find 1941 overly simplistic and you might feel the same way. Personally I love all the variants!

  • Re: Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current)

    Hello All,

    New to the forum and a Novice to AA. I bought the original AA back in the 90’s and only played a couple of times with family members. The game was to complex for most of my friends so i never really played as much as i would have liked. Fast forward to last summer when i came across box with the original AA game from way back. Found a couple of buddies that showed some interest and played a couple of matches. My two boys (10 & 14) showed some interest so i planted the seed. My awesome wife purchased the Anniversary Edition and D-Day for my birthday last month so now my boys and I are really into it and I have friends coming over tomorrow to give it a go. This game is awesome.

  • Also a huge shoutout to this site and the people running and participating, the info contained here has helped renew my interest in the game.

  • @sparky660

    Awesome : ) Finding people that wanted to play was always the biggest challenge and one that I failed at.

    Should totally check out triplea. While not the same as ftf, you’ll like it. Or…well…probably will : )

  • @Major-JSoto

    I have played A and A.net not Aand A.org

    How fo you start?

    I like playing 1942

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    @Valladares Hello there!

    I’m so new, I have never used this particular software, and so my reply and intro seem merged into one post.

    I’m CrazyIvan, and I don’t play anymore due to lack of time to meet up with all the guys I used to play with back in the day. I got my introduction to Classic back in the 1980’s, and have never played any other version of Axis & Allies, well, unless you count Original and second edition as being separate games. Without using the board and pieces, I have played a couple versions of the 1998 computer game, but that doesn’t want to play nicely with my windows 10 computer, so I right now cannot actually play at all.:white_frowning_face:

    I recently discovered a thing called YouTube, and will be posting videos there within the next month or so. Right now, as I start the learning process, I’m going to be looking for help and suggestions on what kind of webcam I need to be able to capture the entire board. Right now, the videos I have made are either clear - but only show a part of the game board, or show all or mostly all of the board, but the pieces are so small as to be hard to see, and the spaces are also too crowded to clearly show the action, so looking for suggestions on how to position the webcam, the lighting, the board, and get the perfect zoom in on the game board.

    I don’t know anything about the newer versions of the game, and for right now am only interested in classic second edition games. I found some interesting content on youtube, and that is how I ended up here, and am looking forward to getting some playing time in, making a few videos, and playtesting some house rules, as well as multi-board games using the classic board and pieces. Currently, I have no way to setup/play even a two board game, let alone a 4 board version. Later on this month, I’ll try to at least setup a two board version, but the cameras I have now will not be able to show much other than how the boards connect.

    Anyway, there was a fellow that issued an “Open Challenge” about a month ago, and I thought that I might as well try to get a game or three with him, if he has the time and interest.

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    @Intrepid Hello, and here’s hoping you have success in making your ideal “War Room”. Sounds like fun, and hope to see the end results posted here!

  • @CrazyIvan

    Hi Ivan and welcome to the boards. It may not be quite what you are looking for but triplea will allow you to play online.

    link text

    I suggest the Gargantua link for getting started if interested.

    [link text](https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/17147/gargantua-s-k-i-s-s-triplea-instructions/4

    Just ask if you have anyway questions

  • @Westy
    I am sorry but I am not going to be able to make it. Thank you anyway!
    AdmrlScuttlebut Out

  • Hi, I am a new player and found this site after reading nearly all of the posts on AA50. I just posted the crazy strategy under the AA anniversary edition forum; am from the NY area/northern Jersey. The term traffic cop is from the movie Patton where Omar B says George would make a great traffic cop.

    Anyhow my son bought me AA50 for my birthday and yes it looked like the boxes had been in kids’ room and jumped on. The Wizards guys were nice and sent me replacement boxes but was initially dismayed. My son and I played until we started losing sleep and overall decline in non AA aspects of life. 🤔

    My son and I play with NO and with tech full bore out of box no bid. I play Allies and tend to lose more than win depending on turn one dice. But that is how I keep a pre teen coming back. A lucky roll or two and Allies are in business, otherwise my son is gleefully going Godzilla on me with Japanese and Germans toasting in Stalingrad.

    So I like the AA50 version since the shuck is no longer a simplistic catch all solution. Sorry Don. I present a sloppy attempt at a generalized push mechanic in my post on that forum. As in the cost of infantry plus all the pro rata fleet overhead and time to get said infantry to a relevant front.

    As a quick thought on strategy, my approach as Allies is to be fluid and take what I am given by Axis. As an outside observer and newb I see a lot of static solutions out there when you have to adapt real time and maybe pick one of several possible strategies, but it’s situational. See my post for more details ad nauseum. I always force myself to do something as US in both coasts and snag Solomons or Africa as a sidebar to torch or KJF. Doggone I love going Pacific heavy but I have also had entire fleets sent to the deep by my son. To make him mad I like to deadzone the whole PAC with subs. Then turn Alaska into a long range bomber platform. Tech is a good way to catch that evil Axis fiend…until Germany gets rockets.

    I’ll stop rambling and wanted to ask, how good does one have to be to go to the annual conference? I play some on TripleA but worry I will get destroyed out there.

    Always looking for players in New York metro area…

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    Hi TC

    wouldn’t worry about the conference . Show up and kick ass : )

  • Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Hi everyone. I am new to this forum :relaxed:

  • @dan-hamilton said in Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum :relaxed:

    Welcome aboard!

  • '19

    @dan-hamilton Hi Dan! Welcome. I’m also a newbie here, so good to see another fresh face. :)

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