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  • Warskule83 is my name.
    I just signed up and am an AA newb
    really wanting to learn how to play.
    I bought 1941 to start reading rules.

  • @Warskule83 baby steps. Understanding the basics of the game is important. Depending on what level of complexity your looking for well dictate what version of the game you will be comfortable with. Welcome to the community.

  • Hi all.

    The name is Hayes, I hail from central MN and am in my 20s. I began playing Axis & Allies around 2010 with a friend on the original A&A Pacific game. He introduced it to me and I loved it.

    Around 12 or so I was able to get A&A D-Day as a gift from my parents. It was my first A&A game and it was great. I never got or used the cards it came with but still had fun. Around 16 I was gifted 1942 2nd Edition. My addiction to the game hit a new level. I introduced it to about a dozen others and they can’t get enough of it.

    2017 rolled around I ran into A&A Global 1940 2E. Have been playing that ever since. Hands down the best factory version released. Played multiple games with college friends throughout the years. I had 10 people wanting to play at one point and I actually had to arrange a schedule so we could rotate players in per game. Had a ton of fun.

    I plan on starting Global 1936 in the next few years after I get a hold of someone to build me a table. Or until I decide to fork out the couple thousand and buy one. Time will tell.

    I’m a huge fan and amateur historian when it comes to WWII as many are here as well. I read (audiobooks) and watch good documentaries when I can regarding the topic. I have a degree in criminal justice and subsequently work in the same field. Love the job.

    Recently finished moving into our new house and jumping back into the hobby of A&A again. I have been diving deep into the A&A YouTube rabbit hole. Love GeneralHandGrenade, Siredblood, and YoungGrasshopper.

    I play when I can with whomever. We mostly play by the standard rules but may throw in a few house rules depending on the vibe of the day.

    I have my own printed map coming (arrives in the next two days) and miscellaneous minor customizations from HBG.

    That’s it for me, see you on the battlefield!

  • welcome…

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20

    Welcome and great background!

  • @Hayes-Hine I wish I had that many people around me that liked to play Axis and Allies. I am jealous

  • @Sgt-Mclusky where?

  • @Sgt-Mclusky Yeah. Very fortunate and I definitely try to make the most of the games we play due to us beginning to move forward in life. Our games have gotten sparse as compared to our college days, but we try to play as much as we can.

  • steam has 1942 axis and allies on line…
    still having trouble using the transports inthis on line version

  • @Eisenhower Yeah I’m not a fan of that version. I’ve played the Table Top Simulator of G40 though and it’s great.

  • you are right, the computer version is not good at all.
    what is g40

  • @Eisenhower Global 1940

  • '22 '21

    @djensen NoLimit from Chicago, been playing since '86
    of the CLASSIC game of course! Then when the Original Pacific and Europe version came out, me and my brother played it for a while but eventually stopped because it was Too Axis favored and then eventually got rid of it! Eventually bought the D-DAY+Guadalcanal version but quickly got bored with it because it didn’t feel like an A&A game and got rid of them+didn’t either bother wasting my money on buying the BATTLE OF THE BULGE version! Then the Revised version came and we played that to death but still enjoyed it (despite the ugly map) until Anniversary came out and played that like crazy! Didn’t get into the G40 game until 2016 because we were playing the War Game WW2 from Pegasus Hobbies which had a Huge map and so didn’t want to justify paying a lot of Mula for the G40 after spending a Lotta money for said Wargame and we were still having fun warring with it! Eventually my brother stopped playing and that Wargame map got Warped because I didn’t store it away right while it was collecting dust, then over on eBay both the G40 maps were being sold for 25 bucks along with it’s amenities although it didn’t come with the playing pieces! After buying it we started playing again but then my brother started losing interest playing it due to having a girlfriend that he rather spend most of his time with! For a couple of years I didn’t have anybody to play the game with and so was forced to playing it Solo even though it wasn’t as fun as against my brother! Eventually I finally got a phone with WiFi capabilities and then got hooked on watching YouTube videos featuring the many versions of the game, after a few months of that I made my own YouTube channel and after a while I started playing YouTube Wars with others on the many versions of the game! Didn’t get into the 42.2 game until a couple of years ago because I didn’t think it be fun to play like the Anniversary Game, but somebody gifted me his spare game and now I love playing that version just as much! Since my brother got married he didn’t want to spend anytime with playing the game with me, so nowadays I play All my games over the YouTube with so many players in the A&A community and I posted over 300 videos of my turn of the YouTube Wars which is still going strong! Even before the Virus Hit, I still can’t find anybody to play A&A with face to face despite living in such a Big City and so thank goodness for the YouTube A&A community!!!

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20

    @Nolimit WELCOME!!!

  • welcome,nolimit

    There are several good solar war games too.
    Hitler;s Reich is good ww2 in Europe war on a grand scale

  • I mean solo games not solar.

  • Hi everyone. I live in northern California and I have always loved a&a. I started playing in the 80s with classic and still play to this day. We had a large group of friends that would play, but now I have only 2 go to friends for this game. I use to play a lot but now only average 2-3 games a year. I consider myself an expert at this version. We have tried a couple of the other games Europe, DDay, 1942 but we always revert back to the original.

    Its nice to see this game has thrived over the years and expanded. I wish baseball got this much enthusiasm. Other interests include brewing, home repair, and running.

    What a year. Hopefully this COVID virus gets kicked to the curb soon and we can all have face-to-face games in the future. Please post upcoming tourneys or conventions. You never know, we could meet in the future

  • '22 '21

    @Nubnumber1 Noticed you didn’t mention the Anniversary or the Global 1940 version, have you played them before?

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20

    @Nubnumber1 Welcome!!!

    Classic. I am curious; do you play with a bid or OOB?

  • @AndrewAAGamer Hi Andrew. OOB we play without Russia restricted too. I can win with both axis and allies. We never play with a bid

  • @Nolimit The answer is no to both. Isn’t the anniversary like 500?

  • '22 '21

    @Nubnumber1 If you mean Anniversary is 50/50 concerning win-loss ratio between the 2 sides, then no- it’s Axis favored, like to play you over the YouTube someday to prove Classic is Too Allied favored even with the Russian restricted rule! Hard to believe you haven’t played Anniversary or G40, they’re both a whole lot more better games than Classic although I still like to play it at times!!!

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20

    @Nubnumber1 said in 👋 Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Current):

    @AndrewAAGamer Hi Andrew. OOB we play without Russia restricted too. I can win with both axis and allies. We never play with a bid

    Thanks! Playing Russia Restricted helps the Axis a little bit but I would assume the Allies are still slightly favored. Back in the day when I played Classic a lot we got up to $21-$22 bids. If I remember correctly, and I don’t think I do, I think Russia Restricted took that down to around $10 or so…

  • @Nolimit lol No, I meant didn’t the anniverary board game cost $500. I am kind of a cheap bastard.

    As far as a classic game goes, that sounds like fun. Although, I am not sure how a you tube game would work. I have never done it before. Let me know how that would work and we could set something up.

  • '22 '21

    @Nubnumber1 https://youtu.be/m30s1MAR6-E
    Check this out, it’s pretty much how the community plays over the YouTube!!!🎲💥

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