• Re: 1940 GLOBAL Strategies By Power hey young grasshopper, I’m a huge fan and have seen all of your walk throughs and even have purchased some of your axis and allies equipment like your card deck and dice. I wanted to run a strategy by by you that I pulled off against my friends while playing as the US. We did a unique house rule where every nation starts off with a research bc my group didn’t like the extra research for completing objectives that are your tournament rules. Needless to say they are a stubborn bunch, but I eventually talked to them into this. So as US my random research was upgraded subs. So knowing that all my friends have seen your streams I thought I’d try something unique and put the research to use. Now I think it’s a pretty solid strategy with out the research but hopefully you can put it to the test. So I start out for the first 3 (not in war) purchasing 3 subs each turn, and assortment of aircraft, carriers and other ships in the Atlantic’s. I was going for a improvised version of the floating bridge strategy. No the less I continued to build up my fleet of submarines until I had 15 subs, and paired them with 2 carriers full of fighters, a battleship and 4 destroyers in the pacific. Now of course japan was running a muck and by turn 5 captured Calcutta. Now my main focus was in the Atlantic, however my navy did not sit and wait in defense. I went after the japan fleet that only had 2 destroyers Among it. I ended up destroying everything in my way. I played gorilla Tattics inwhich if they had a massive air superior left (seeing how mother my subs could hit it and they couldn’t hit the subs) I would engage my fleet, use as many subs as cannon fodder until they were left with planes and I would retreat basically always keeping my surface ships alive. I did this the rest of the game basically keeping japan land locked and convoying them until I was able to break through Germany in which the game was called due to time. I’d figured I’d share this with you bc even though I had the upgraded subs I feel that it will still be a very effective strategy of sweeping out the Japanese fleet from the pacific. My reasoning is bc most players don’t buy a bulk of destroyers at a time. If they do then they ended up with weaker defense. Then during combat if they remove the destroyers first as cannon fodder than it leaves you with a free first strike on the rest of their ships. Than when there was no ships left you retreat to save your planes and ships. Basically if they have planes you never want to fully make it your planes and ships vs their planes bc it would end up costing you your big weapon items that work in tandem with your subs. I had so much success with this strategy that I Figured I share it with you and maybe you could try it out in a day at the bunker.

  • Subs are amazing units. I argue hacing about 40% of your IPCs in subs as US. Volume is vastly underrated.

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