• Greetings A&A pros

    I’m just a humble A&A average player who would like to learn some interesting tactics to surprise my friends. We have played for a while (we have A&A, A&AE and A&AP) and use standard tactics like hold Karelia, US invades western europe etc, but I was looking for some really fun tactics.

    Maybe something involving South America or something.

    By the way, we have the board games, and was wondering if you recommend us to use destroyers and artilleries. We have diccussed it but are uncertain how it would disrupt the game balance. We are also wondering if we should implement the BB two hits rule.

    And one last thing. One of my friend told me about a game called Samurai (previousely called Shogun (not the PC game) which was like an ancient A&A in Japan since the creator was the M. Bradley. By the way, you should try Shogun (PC), it’s really fun.

    Any replies are welcome 😁

  • I won’t go into too much detail due to laziness. But here’s a tidbit for Japan.
    Take the transports from Japan and the Philippines to the Solomon islands sea zone loading infantry from Philippine Islands, Caroline Islands, Wake Island, and Solonom Islands(one from each). Buy 3 transports and attack Pearl Harbor fleet, but leave the island. On the second turn use the new transports for bridging units to the mainland for the fight in asia. Take the rest of your fleet towards the southern tip of South America(including the 2 loaded transports). Make sure to stay as far south as you can. If I understand the rules for the blowups in the bottom right corner you can move through them from any adjacent sea zone to any sea zone adjacent to them. If so, you can be in the sea zone around the tip of Argentina Chile on the second turn. From there Brazil and South Africa are both in reach. Have fun. By the way, I got this idea from an essay by Don Rae in which he says basically the same thing but with 10 times as many words. All five of his essays on A&A can be found at http://donsessays.freeservers.com/
    which I learned from Yanny, thanks Yanny!

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  • I have played Samuri swords. That game is awsome.

  • “I guess world domination is a guy thing…”

    I suppose what Sir Yanny is saying is right. I don’t speak for the majority of women out there, but I never felt any real urge to wage war for world domination when playing Axis and Allies. Usually I’m just content to be off building bombers in Britain. With that said, each game I try to accomplish one goal besides total victory. These goals are usually small in effect, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

    For example if I was playing Japan, one of my secondary goals would be to see if I could sail around the world using Japan’s naval fleet. Eventually they’ll link up with the remnants of the German fleet and my objective would be accomplished. I figured that Japan’s Navy wasn’t really needed after the Battle of Hawaii and this would bolster German defenses in the Mediterranean.

    Another fine example would be if I took 3 Japanese planes from Japan and flew them across the Globe to Western Europe, stopping in India, Africa, or Eastern Europe along the way. This way I can help my beleaguered German player with defenses of the Atlantic Wall.

    Those are just two examples of turning the boring game of World Domination into a fun one. Maybe you can even come up with your own 😄

    “Axis and Allies stands not only as one of the most stupendous works of man, but also as one of the most beautiful of human creations. Indeed, it is at once so great and so simple that it seems to be almost a work of nature.”

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  • A race around the world sounds fun!

    I’d tell you my south American tactics but I’d have to kill you.

    Just kidding.

    Japan can use Argentina and Peru to threaten Brazil and draw American troops away from Germany. Putting an IC helps even more.

  • Once, as germany, i managed to unload 4 infntery into brazil. I placed a pre buildt IC there and had 6 extra infantery before USA came. With theyre planes in the UK (mostly) they didn’t manage to take me out, so I became a real pain in the ass for them.

    I like to use strange tactics, like taking Africa (at least support Germany) etc. Well, thats unconventional for me atleast.

  • don’t you need to own a territory since the begining of your turn to place an IC there?

  • I believe that is correct. Also, why spend money on Brazil? Every reichmark to defend Europe I say. Besides, Germany already has sub-pens all across Europe.

  • Of course it’s better to use them to reenforce the third reich, but it’s not as fun 😄

    I may be mistaken with the IC placing (probably, but we have had placing legal, but not troop deployement the “first” turn)

    Anywho, I placed it after capturing it. Then America moved some tanks from eastern-america to mexico (I thin). I placed 3 infantery, and America moved tanks into the neutral country (don’t remember it’s name). So I placed 3 more infantery and he didn’t take me.

    It might sound like it would be wise to engage him in the neutral country but it was a pretty large force, intended for amphibious.


  • If Germany takes Brazil, then I wouldn’t see why American would cross through Mexico and Venezuela to reach it. America should have a pretty formidable transport fleet with enough infantry and fighter support to take back Brazil. But I do like the idea of placing factories immediately in conquered territories.

  • Hey, this I can actually agree on. I’m usually against such variants like this (immediate IC production could wreck the Japanese strategy if UK places a factory in India B1), but in Brazil’s case, it does fit in nicely. It gives an extra reward in addition to 3 IPCs to the Japanese or the Germans who can reach it in time before USA rebuilds its crippled Navy. With first-turn Brazil, you can produce three subs or three inf (for fortification), which is a sharp thorn to the Allied side. It would be interesting to see if any unique strategies develop from this.

  • Even though he had a navy, it was in the UKSZ.
    It was one of our first games, so bear with our tactical inexperience. It sure was fun though 😁

    I’ve just started teaching some other of my friends to play AA, and they are not that “newbie-ish” because they have played similar games before. Even though the challenge isn’t that great for the moment, I try not to interfere too much, which has led to cool stuff like Japan invading Mexico and Alaska etc, which doesn’t happen a lot in my games

  • It is moments like those (Japan invading Mexico) which do make the game great. Around the veterans I hang around with, I hardly see moves such as that in competitive games anymore. But when you just want to have fun, unique gaming moments such as this really do make your experience stand out (try emphasizing this with Risk based Victory Cards).

  • Russian Battleship!

  • Great set of rules you got there SUD,

    However, I would like to make a slight change for Japan…

    except India and E. China are restricted. This does represent some historical accuracy.

    I’ll try to find some way to test them out later on this week…

  • For the experienced German player it can sometimes be advantageous to build an IC in W. Europe. From there, subs can be placed on the French coast, working in defensive co-op with infantry. In order to pay for the subs, don’t buy many fighters or ANY tanks. You almost always have to wait for Japan anways.

  • Under normal A&A with 3rd Edition Rules, I would strongly advise against this. The reason being is that subs can be sunk easily, especially by UK’s RAF the following turn. This also screw you out of 5 valuable inf that could be used elsewhere.

    However, with House Rules A&A Sub-pens, Coastal Blockading, Detection Rules, and Wolf Packs, having an IC is Western Europe can certainly be well worth the risk. It adds a new dimension to the Atlantic War limited not only to the air.

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