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  • Hey! Me and a friend have this competition going of axis and allies. We play a lot and right now I’m in a right spot but have a chance of a come back if I play my cards right. So I need some advice. I’m playing as the axis and currently Germany has only two territories- Germany and Southern Europe. While Germany has 8 inf 1 tank and 1 fighter, southern Germany only has 1 inf. I survived the US attempt at an invasion, but he’s still got me surrounded with the UK and Russia (Ik I tried to take Russia out at the start but just had the worst luck). Russia has 8 inf in Eastern Europe and UK has 2 tanks and 1 inf in Westerm Europe. He keeps adding guys from the UK with one transport but I’ve managed to cripple the UKs national production down to 5 with my only hope- Japan. Right now I would like to know what Japan should be spending it’s IPC on. I have to keep a balance of maintaining control of all the territories and fightin the US navy. Right now the only thing threatening my territories is Russia from Caucus bc I destroyed all enemy transports nearby. My ![alt text](image url)national production for japan is 17 and I have 18 IPC to spend on my turn. I have 2 battleships 2 aircraft carriers carrying 3 fighters and a destroyer vs his 2 battleships 3 destroyers 1 sub and an aircraft carrier with 2 fighters. So what to spend?!!

  • @NoahHarvey bombers are very helpful on both land and sea. You could also lend a hand from East coast to Germany and break them out. Germany, I would buy a tank each round. They attack and defend better than infantry. You have 5 IPC, so 1 tank. Put it on Germany to hold.

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    @NoahHarvey Hi Noah. If this is your first post on the forum then welcome!

    It sounds like you are playing 1941? Assuming that is correct, then my thoughts (without looking at the map) are as follows:

    1. J has 17 income and G has 5 = 22, leaving the allies with 35 I think? If so, then that is a huge income advantage to the allies.

    2. J’s income is founded on GB’s far east empire I presume. Defending that against the US is therefore pretty darn important, which takes navy - and at the moment your navy is outnumbered by 2 units.

    3. But holding off the US Pacific navy will not bring victory unless it leads to additional income, which means an invasion of mainland US. Taking and holding Alaska and WUS would pretty much balance the income. However, this is very hard to do given the US’s ability to place 6 units a turn in WUS, if it has the income, whilst J has to buy transports to move its units as well as the units themselves.

    4. Easier can be for J to focus on land units to attack Russia. This still needs transports, but units can be staged across China requiring fewer needing to be landed in one turn. If J manages to take out Russia then this also evens up the income imbalance. It also allows both G & J to focus all their resources to face out from the centre, rather than having to face both ways. Of course J needs to resist US attentions while attempting to do this, which may not be possible!

    Good luck Noah!

  • Thanks! @Private-Panic Yes, it is my first time posting on the forum, I just made an account today bc I wanted some advice. I honestly didn’t know if anyone would respond so thanks again! Yes we are playing 1941 so @Sgt-Smith i would love to buy tanks every turn but they cost 6 IPC. I wanted to send a picture but couldn’t figure out how to. When I look at the board it’s not looking great but I think although it would be very difficult it isn’t impossible for me to retake the advantage and win.

  • @NoahHarvey Well than build troops to defend and buy a tank when you can. Who is holding Africa?

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    @NoahHarvey said in I need advice!:

    I wanted to send a picture but couldn’t figure out how to.

    It is a little more complicated to do this than I would prefer but this is how you upload a photo from mobile.

    1. Take the photo with your phone
    2. Visit this page and reply
    3. Swipe the toolbar from right to left


    1. Tap the image upload icon


    1. Select your photo

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    @NoahHarvey said in I need advice!:

    Yes we are playing 1941 so @Sgt-Smith i would love to buy tanks every turn but they cost 6 IPC.

    Tanks are a valuable unit, given that they move 2 and can get from Berlin to the front more quickly. They also carry an attacking punch that can bring a victory with fewer losses.

    They are expensive to lose, however, so ideally any attack should include enough infantry as cannon fodder.

    Also consider this:

    • Infantry are more cost effective in defense, as 2 inf cost the same as 1 tank but offer a defense of 4 rather than 3. More importantly the enemy require 2 hits rather than just the one, meaning the second infantry might achieve additional hits.
    • All obvious of course, but perhaps this next bit is not. Two inf in attack actually have odds of c. 55% against 1 tank. That is for the reason cited above of the second inf potentially achieving additional hits. If you increase the number of inf and tanks in the battle, but maintain that 2 to 1 ratio, the inf advantage improves.

    So yes - tanks are good in an attacking stack, but always make sure you have lots of inf too.


  • Thanks! I’ll remember that next time @djensen

  • I was holding most of it but he retook it with the UK @Sgt-Smith

  • Thanks to everyone for the advice! Sadly I lost the game… the US proved to be to powerful for Japan’s navy and took out Japan while Germany held on to the end. Now I’m looking forward to the next game!

  • @Captain-Harvey Germany has a big advantage in the beginning. To have a strong chance of winning, you must capitalize upon that strength and conquer Russia and hold Africa. Japan has to hold the Islands and take China and as much of the East as possible. Time is in favor of USA and UK. The longer the game lasts, the stronger they become.

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