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1/500 Fighters

  • If your like me you love seeing a variety of pieces on your board, but for many years it has been a challenge to find WWII fighters in the 1/500 scale. I’m not referring to the common ones, but the other fighter aircraft that are often overlooked by the more popular ones. If you want some variety then you have to check out Echoco on Shapeways. He now offers a many of his WWII fighter’s in the perfect 1/500 scale. If there is one that you see in his shop that’s not the scale you like, he is more than likely willing to re-scale it. He has done a lot for me and he he had been really quick. I just wanted to pass this info on.

  • So am I correct in assuming that 1/500 is the best scale to use on AA boardgames for fighter size airplanes? Should I be looking at 1/600 scale if, for example, I want to get something bigger like a B-36 Peacemaker and fit it on my AA50 board?

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    1/700 scale, not 1/500…100%

  • I strongly believe that 1/500 is the best scale for most WWII fighters. If you compare HBG and AA sculpts, you will see that most have an average wingspan of 2.2 cm. If you want medium bombers like the B-25 then you should look at 1/600 which will give you a wingspan around 3.5 cm. For larger planes like the B-17 then you would want start looking around the 1/700 scale. If you’re not sure then us a scale calculator on the web along with the original planes spec’s from Wikipedia to find the right scale you need for that specific plane. This is what I do.

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    For large aircraft, 1/700 for sure. Have an Fw-200 and He-177 from Pit Road that are spot on to OOB size. I even stuck a couple B-25’s in with the tac bombers.

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