Axis & Allies Rules in Chinese? 规则手册

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    Does anybody know if any of the A&A rules for any of the games have been translated into Chinese? Somebody on Facebook was wondering. I’m fairly certain Google Translate won’t work for rules. 😉

    cc: @Panther @Krieghund

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    @djensen you might try asking veqryn on github.

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    @djensen I am not aware of any Chinese translation. Maybe on boardgamegeek there is some user created content - but actually I don’t know, unfortunately.

    And I agree: 谷歌翻译很可能不适用于规则

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    I believe I saw Chinese rule before. I’m not sure if I can find it now though. I can have a look next week when back home if this is useful.

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    I’m not aware of any of the rules being officially translated into either Mandarin or Cantonese. Revised was the most widely-translated version, but that page is long gone from the AH website. As Panther said, BGG is your best bet for a fan-made translation.

  • That kind of translation would best be done by a paid translating service or from a very fluent writer of both languages, especially because the rules are technical and detailed.

    Cantonese and Mandarin use the same written language so you’d only have to translate it once.

    It’s a good idea to do IMO if you want to sell some AA copies, because China has a quickly expanding middle class that is educated and loves wargames as much as we do.

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    They have their own games ecosystem, this dated and imperial title would probably be of little interest to consumers of some of the more nuanced products (incomprehensible card and video games exactly like the western ones just based on chinese style art and play mechanics)

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    @taamvan On Facebook, I was literally asked for this in Chinese but I don’t know from which country. I had to use Google Translate to figure out what they wanted and I was pleasantly surprised Google Translate worked so well.

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    I’ve used Google Translate for many things, including learning entire languages. I was also just kind of teasing.

    Either way, the TEXT of the rules creates alot of problems for regular english speakers. The RULES and the TEXT that tell you what the rules are are two different things. If someone can just explain how to play, then all those annoying and carefully worded RULES TEXT can be avoided.

    I’ve noted that most of the AXA playing world is english speaking–that is to say that most of the people are from english speaking countries, and the handful of the rest are from countries like denmark, holland and norway, where many people learn english in high school.

    Would caution that the sender’s perception of what “worked well” will differ from the recipient, and you’ll quickly find that for all the talking, little communicating is going on.

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