• I have checked the rules and I think it is okay to do this, but it is unorthodox. This would happen in J11. US has subs and a BB in SZ 6, I have 2 BB, 1 Carrier, 2 fighters ,1 destroyer and 2 transports in SZ 19. I have a major factory in Kiangsu. I want to attack SZ 6 with my warships and fighters and when it clears move 2 transports (which will load from Japan in SZ 6) through SZ 6 and attack Amur from SZ 5. There are no enemy units in SZ 5. I read at the top of page 15 of Axis-Allies-Pacific-1940-Second-Edition pdf that I could do this in my combat move. Is that a correct interpretation?

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    @genken Unfortunately your interpretation is not correct. “All combat movement is considered to take place at the same time” (page 12), during Combat Move Phase.

    In your scenario, when the sea battle in SZ6 takes place, the Combat Move Phase is already over. The rules don’t allow additional Combat Moves during the Conduct Combat Phase. So you can’t move those transports before Noncombat Move Phase. I that case you will be allowed to unload into friendly territories only.

    In case you moved your transports during Combat Move Phase, they would have ended their move together with the attacking naval forces in SZ 6 and are part of the sea battle, then. In that case they are not allowed to move again this turn.

    There is another flaw in your scenario: Japan cannot have a Major Industrial Complex in Kiangsu as Kiangsu is originally controlled by China, see rulebook page 22:

    Major industrial complexes can only be built on originally controlled (not captured) territories with an IPC value of 3 or higher.

    HTH 🙂

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    If there were only US submarines in SZ 6, these do not block movement or make a SZ hostile, so with an accompanying warship, you could accomplish this move if there were no USA surface ships in SZ 6 at the start of your turn. HTH.

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    @taamvan In that case even an accompanying warship would not be necessary, as there is no ignored submarine in SZ 5.

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    Good point, my brother.

  • @genken Thank you very much Panther & Taamvan…

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