• This must have been covered somewhere. I recently purchased a copy A&A Pacific 40 Second Edition. The territory of Western Canada has a British Emblem on it. I believe it should be a Canadian marker though. To further complicate things, the Europe 40 2nd edition rule book says Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba is adjacent to Yukon territory and British Columbia. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    @The-Lone-Wolf You most likely have an outdated rulebook.

    In the current versions, available here, it reads:

    Pacific 1940.2, page 8:

    Each power has its own color and emblem (the United
    Kingdom controls Western Canada in addition to those
    territories with its own emblem).

    Pacific 1940.2 page 35, Europe 1940.2 page 35:

    The Canadian province of Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba on the Europe map is adjacent to the Western Canada territory on the Pacific map.

    HTH 😃

  • @Panther that makes a bit more sense. I assume western Canada does not need a Canadian emblem like the European Canadian territories then. Thanks for all the help.

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    @The-Lone-Wolf Western Canada should have a Canadian emblem. It’s in the FAQ, also available at Panther’s link above.

  • Thanks guys for helping out. A couple weeks a ago I contacted WOTC with my issue and I didn’t know if I was crazy or not; however, they keep asking for more pictures of my board and the rule book, a link to their own FAQ is surely heading their way.
    Thanks for all of your assistance! ☺

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