I'm enjoying Axis & Allies Online

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    dangit computer’s at home. I’ll set up a game with an appropriate title and wait until some of the all-stars have joined. NO NOOBS!

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    Yeah I saw that one last night and had to dive in haha. I was in a game with David yesterday so not sure when it launched, but I’ll fire off Japan when I get back from work. Most games default to PBEM style unless you’re really keep an eye on the launch. I think I hung out for maybe 30 min to see if it would launch after joining but after that its like asynchronous only most times and who knows when people are around. For pick up games closer to live play I’d use Discord. The only live games I’ve played to completetion have been by meeting up in the Discord chat rooms. Games are pretty boring otherwise with no way to talk.

    ps. Just got home and fired it off. The emperor was pleased with our rolls. Hopefully will get back round to G before too long, best of luck Imperious. If you hop on the A&A Discord I use the same handle there.

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    @taamvan Whoops. I was at work when this was all going down. Sorry I missed the boat.

    Agree with Black_Elk though. I’ve been playing all my games on a PBEM-basis. I just don’t have 3-4 continuous hours of free time to sit down and play out a full game live these days. Best I can manage is like 1-3 moves (countries, not full rounds) per game I’m in a day.

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