[House Rules] Should allies receive a bid?

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    try 4 turns of bomber purchases straight to Moscow via Scotland. Don’t think about winning with the Allies turn 10. Think about saving Moscow with those bombers and airplanes as 1942. Parity. Leveling the playing field. Think of turn 8 as completing the infrastructure of Allied victory. Think of turn 8 or 9 as the exact middle of the game. Just some ideas.

    The other idea is that of humiliation. You so decimate one side that you win on that side while the other side of the map is a loss. These are the two ideas that I have come up with to cause a Copernican revolution with G40. Now I’m “young” with G40, but the young sometimes have new ideas.

  • @barnee
    Thanks for the answer! , been playing 25 years just never in leagues or tourney’s so I was unfamiliar with the term.

  • So couple quick questions. The 2nd edition global bid, what does it stand at? I’ve heard anywhere from 18 to 49. What is the normal bid for experienced players having players 8 plus years? Also for the bids what does everyone like to do? I usually spend it on England UK and use it to destroy the Italians in Africa to make it easier attacking the Axis underbelly.

  • Also. what are these leagues I keep seeing mentioned? They sound intriguing.

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    @yanksaldaway said in [House Rules] Should allies receive a bid?:

    Also. what are these leagues I keep seeing mentioned? They sound intriguing.

    League: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/category/29/league

    The very top players can go to 40+. 20-25 was the usual bid for league games but still saw like 60% or more wins to Axis. Most people did indeed put a few more units down around Egypt/Mid East. Other bids were ftr Scotland, stacking up Yunnan (fly USSR planes there), artillery in China.

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    So, I play online at Triple A and most bid are about 15-18. The play level is pretty decent IMO. I’m no noob, but i’m not an “expert”. I’m a bit curious about what these “advanced Axis strategies” look like that would require a bid of 30+. Not trying to hijack the thread to some strategy thread, but “Should allies receive a bid?” means to me that you really need to share what you are doing with the axis so well to require it? Maybe someone can humor me and explain what they do with the axis that is so “punishing”?

  • @seancb when you play online on triple a a lower bid is ok. A league game is differently because you have much more time to plan and check your move. Against a good player 35 is minimum. Bur 50 is more right

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    @oysteilo said in [House Rules] Should allies receive a bid?:

    @seancb when you play online on triple a a lower bid is ok. A league game is differently because you have much more time to plan and check your move. Against a good player 35 is minimum. Bur 50 is more right

    Arguably. Zhukov44 won the title in 2016 with only a +40 bid.

    I’ve gone into Axis strategies here: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/31377/axis-victories-what-s-the-magic-trick/120

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    Hi I went into the Experimental section and downloaded “Global 40 House Rules.” So, in my triplea lobby with the map of “World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition,” I do not see “Option taamvan” in the “Map Options” where you normally add your bid. My map version says I’m on version 4.0. Is that why it isn’t working? Where can I find option taamvan in triplea?

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    You’ve selected the wrong map. You need to select “Global 40 House Rules”. Or the one with Canada if you want that.

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    Hi guys

    @Ichabod yea what simon says

    I just updated to git and added these ideas from simon

    7)German Trade With Russia
    When Deactivated Germany will not receive the Trade with Russia National objective if it has any units in Original Russian Territories.

    Prevents Italy declaring war on Russia and taking control of Russian Territory and having Germany move Units into that territory while not at war with Russia and still able to collect the Trade National Objective.

    8)Russia Spreads Communism In Africa
    When Deactivated Russia will not receive the Spread of Communism National Objective for any Territories Not in Mainland Europe.

    Also Mursilis China rules and some of his other ideas

    9)China M
    Adds the Mursilis China Rules. Changes China’s National Objective to 1 PU for each Burma Road Territory that is Allied controlled. Also allows Artillery builds as long as at least 1 of Burma or India is under Allied control.

    If Chinese Guerrilla Fighters have been activated, they will now only spawn once All Burma Road Territories are under Axis control.

    Note UK Pacific is Allied with China from the start, which allows UK Pacific Units to move into China. This is unintended and will need to be Player Enforced. May be fixed in the future.

    10)China M BM
    When used with the “China M” option, Chinese Guerrillas will spawn according to BM Rules .

    11)Italy Controls Original
    Italy receives 3 PUs when it controls all of it’s Original Territories.

    12)USA bonus for North Africa 3 PU
    Reduces the BM North Africa USA bonus to 3. Note You need to turn off the “USA bonus for North Africa” option or it will show up as well.

    13)Western Europe Beach Head 3 PU
    Reduces the BM Western Europe Beach Head for USA bonus to 3.

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    Yet again I see no answer to my question. I would love to know where I can find these “master” strategies that just destroy the Allies every time. Just crickets. I’ll challenge anyone to a real live game on Triple A, unless you live in Houston, TX USA, and see how that pans out for me. Maybe “you” can “teach me a lesson”. Would love to see these axis strategies that require the bids you say you give.

  • @seancb I would like to see your Allied strategies that make you so confident against the Axis. What are you doing differently? How are you stopping Japan from wiping out the Pacific? If it’s a USA killing Japan first strategy then why hasn’t Germany won on the Europe board? Russia can’t hold Moscow on its own. And you can flip that statement around as well. If USA is full board Atlantic well then Japan should have no issues.

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    again no one can tell my why Axis is so dominant. some one needs to explain this to me i guess. maybe i’m just a noob as you say.

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    the only strategy the allies have is time. if they can make it to round 8 usually round 9 the axis dont win ever. maybe you get the outlier once in a while. any allied player worth his/her salt should not make stupid moves. i’m still confused about what these killer Axis strategies look like. maybe someone will enlighten me and kick my ass and show me i’m dumb.

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    seancb, how much of a bid do you require…is it a 40 IPC bid? Maybe 40 is too much, mostly the best league skilled players for that much. I’ll take you on best out of 3 games, 1 unit per territory or sea zone that already has a unit in it with a 24 IPC bid. If that’s not enough…let’s negotiate more.

    I think many will say that the main reason axis are so strong is air power.

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    I don’t agree with time for allies. I now think time is often more on the side of the Axis if they control key points. They become economically strong and hard to dislodge.

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    The answer to your challenge is in many of these threads.

    Italy abandons africa and uses tank/mech pairs and its air to kill blockers and ensure the Russians cant stand behind the front lines with a counterattack force (the can opener)
    Germany relentlessly stratbombs the russian factories (Italy and Japan can easily join in, bombing “around the clock” before and after the russians turn)
    Japan takes all the russian money it can starting turn 1 and just needs to make sure their capital doesnt get taken–low risk no odds battles are required to pull this off.

    These, plus a G1 done correctly (no UK navy wipeout) can mean that you are ready to defeat Moscow on G5

    Eventually the Italians and Japanese can start landing large defensive and offensive air forces into German territories so the counterattack possibility is further weakened
    All 3 axis “hail mary” and make relentless attacks against the TUV trade with the goal of defeating moscow which is typically not something the Allies can counter until turn 7-8 no matter what they do or buy (dave will often sacrifice over 100+ IPC worth of japanese planes just to kill 6-8 russian defenders because then Germany finishes them off)
    Weaker Allied players will continue to nibble at the edges rather than throwing everything they can into the defense of moscow

    And finally, with a bid under 20-30, even if Moscow can itself be preserved by extraordinary means (UK all in via persia, USA all in via bomber streams), Russian income is gobbled and once it falls below 15+ IPCs it cannot make counterattacks or fight a war of attrition.

    While I’ve focused on KJF in the last year, KGF is the only way to delay germany’s direct assault–you may be able to get germany to spend after G4 in pure defense, but either way–the units needed to take moscow are all built before G4 and later turns can all be used in defense or just to buy Stratbombers and seal the deal. If moscow isn’t defeated by the Germans, the Japanese take its money and destroy it from behind.

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    I’m not buying this. This looks like a pump and pray to kill Moscow. Killing Moscow is not the end of the game. I think I’d like to see someone defeat me with this all in BS strategy. Then maybe I’ll understand. SMFH Doh!
    I don’t really believe this crap. You guys must play some real noobs in this league. My challenge stands. I have the same screen name on Triple A. Anytime, any bot. Just slap my @$$ when you think your going to beat me down with this strategy. No, I don’t play by email. You play live or don’t play. Adieu, adieu ladies.

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    one more thing, I’ll take a 16 bid

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