[House Rules] Should allies receive a bid?

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    @Mursilis well I fck’d up again. : )The NO’s disappeared. I’ll get it straightened out. Might want to stay with the 2.2 one for now.

    @DCWhat Hi DC
    Don’t know of any of YG’s stuff on triplea, although some of the House Rules may overlap. BM is probably the most popular that’s on triplea.

    The House Rule mod is just a bunch of House Rules that people have come up with over the years so people can use the ones they want.

    link text

    explains a lot of it

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    @Mursilis well not sure what’s happening. On my linux machine the NOs show up. On windows it doesn’t, although the game plays correctly with the PU total at 3. They just don’t show up in the Objectives tab the way they do on the linux machine.

    So 2.3 is the same as 2.2 in that regard. The Objectives doc is the same with the new NOs in it.

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    I put the cap back on the glue and it’s all sorted now. Actually the Canada Mod was the one not showing up, so shouldn’t affect you anyway. 2.4 is the latest.

    Oh yea @DCWhat there are some alternate setups with no rule changes. oztea’s 41 being the best imo. It comes with the Global dl. Worth a spin if you haven’t tried it.

  • @barnee
    Excellent, thank you.

  • @Mursilis Right on. Let us know how your game goes.

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    Perhaps we ought to beseech the maker for a global 1940.3 game in a single box, with a new map, with two new components (like a tech tree and generals) and an official handicap system like golf has?

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    Dave says we should work on our Operation: Market Garden variant.

  • Well this thread went a bit off topic.

    It is very clear that the consensus is if two players are equal in skill, the allies should receive a bid.

    The real issue is determining how much of a bid, and If it is even necessary. IMO the only real way to tell if your opponent needs a bid, is if you have played each other before. While I do think it is common curticy to offer a bid to the allies, you dont actually know if more or less IPCs are needed, more often than not.

    What I suggest the community should do is agree on a SET bid for a standard match between two players(or teams) that have never faced each other before. Then sticky the rule so new comers can see it.

    All of my games are on tabletop. I play with multiple groups of varying skill level. I would suggest that if your groups skill level varies, keep the best players on separate teams, and try to balance the teams as best as possible, before considering a bid.

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    @ReturntoNES Sounds like you’re really looking for a setup change.

  • @simon33 well sure I am. But that isn’t the topic of this thread…

  • @ReturntoNES

    That’s what I proposed; removing the choice so that there is a ‘set bid’ (1 Rus Armor and 1 Rus Fighter out of range of the opener), and its a setup change as well.

    I agree with you, that a bid wouldn’t always be necessary, but different players show up each week. Often, we assign players or roll for teams; as I keep pointing to the club out this process is the opposite of open bidding, and once the teams are established by rolling or preference you have to simply designate a bid, which we agree is about 10-20 IPC.

    At least in my live games, the need for a high bid is much lower than the ABH reported bids in the league. One on one vs Dave (who I consider better than myself), i’d want at least the “Taamvan Mod” amounts listed here (reduce (4x)5 bonuses to 3, add rus tank rus fighter)

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    I didnt understand all of this, but is there an available option to play the “taamvan mode” on triple a. In case how do I find it?

  • @oysteilo

    yea go to map downloads, experimental. “Global 40 House Rules” is what you want.

    Then hit “Map Options” before game start and hit “Option taamvan”. Latest version is 2.63. Idk if that will conflict if you play against someone with an earlier version.

    The changes since didn’t have anything to do with the “taamvan” option, so I’d think you’d be okay, but…

  • So I have played two games with the “taamvan mode” and I think that it does quite good job at balancing out the game. It slightly slows down Germany while giving the Soviet Union something it never had before. OPTIONS!
    That extra tank and fighter can be in Manchuria by turn 3 which means that not only does this effect Germany but also Japan. Hitting Manchuria/Korea with 18 infantry a tank and fighter means that Japan has to spend more money on transports or turn around some land units or simple keep a larger force than usual in Manchuria.

    I think it is a small change that makes a big difference and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

  • There is something to be said for fixed bids, or bids that is added to a nations starting money.

    one problem with bids you can place where you want is that there are critical units you get to place. as an example, going from allied bid of 5 to 6 is much more impactful than 1 ipc. It allows UK to place that sub in the med. If a bid of 5 meant getting 1 AA in UK, and a bid of 6 meant getting 1 inf in UK and 1 inf in Moscow, the difference would not be as significant.

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    Thanks Mursilis, it only took me 191 games and 2 mod attempts to come up with that simple solution. We are getting into more “late games” where things aren’t decided until after the fall of moscow. If Germany survives the fall of moscow with most or all of its planes, and 5 or so tanks, with the OOB bonuses on top of that, it will almost always win. Argo has convinced me that Moscow will fall in the majority of games. The Ger/Italy money and starting forces simply cannot be stopped. The questions then are

    1. did UK West build 3 factories, early? Did they waste money on anything but factories and plugging troops into the ME?
    2. Does Germany have so much money and income after the fall of moscow such that with 4 eastern factories and what survived, it can handily a) take london because the defenders left b) take egypt by overwhelming the whole game build of UK west with the just the survivors and the late game build of Germany?

    In the OOB game, Germany just needs to be patient, and it will eventually win. This is because they have like 80+ and a bunch of free bonuses and factories, whereas UK at most has 50 and usually more like 40 to fuel 3-4 factories. Russia cannot take Iraq or Persia–it will never have the $$ to build that many units and once its taken them, UK cannot do so. Japan can get shut completely down and this dynamic doesnt change.

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    This is also why taking cyprus or malta is so powerful—denying the UK that bonus all game is another 50 dollars in 10 turns

  • @taamvan
    I am wondering if you do Gargantua’s start as Soviet Union which is 6 tanks and building tanks and a few arty with infantry. Tank spamming with the SU is a must for countering the Germans. I was also wondering if you considered making Leningrad worth 5 again since this would make a northern push a bit more desirable since a problem with the game for the germans is that there is a TON of money south and not much north, plus you are further away from moscow. What are your thoughts?

  • What does that mean? Should they receive a bid?

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    With experienced players of equal skill, the Axis will almost always win unless they get diced hard. There’s a few ways to do it, but usually, the “bid” gives the Allies x amount of cash that they can spend on units and place them before game start.

    Once again, usually, you can only place one unit in a TTy/SZ and there has to be units of that player already in those areas.

    You can look at some “league” games for examples of this.

    link text

    A bid probably isn’t necessary for inexperienced/new players.

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