In search of HBG Amerika

  • Hi, I am looking for a copy of HBG’s Amerika, they don’t sell it anymore on their site, and it is now instead pieced out, which is much more expensive than they regularly sell it as. I could be wrong about that but you have to pay $3.45 for every 5 pieces. If anyone is interested in getting rid of their copy let me know!

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    Yea it cost you $158 approx if buy it pieced out and the box and other components.

    But doesn’t matter because not all the pieces are available anyways. So they aren’t really just only “piecing” it out to make money. They just don’t have all the pieces available to sell it.

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    Right after it first come off availability, I asked HBG on Facebook if they could sell me one. After they read that, they made two set available for purchase. Somebody bought one before I bought mine, leaving “none”.

    My suggestion: Ask HBG on Facebook if they can make a set available for you. If you don’t ask, the answer’s no anyways…


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