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  • Hey so me and my friends are confused about the rules of attacking reinforcement, it says that powers attack seperately but multinational defenses defend together, so what is the reason to even do a multinational attack? It seems that multinational defenses have a way bigger advantage then offense. If anyone could explain that would be wonderful or if there are diffirent rules for this matter i would also love a suggestion. Thanks!

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    @SelfishPopcorn Hi there. You do not do a multi-national attack. No such thing exists - because each Power attacks in its own turn.

    However, two Powers successively attacking a common enemy can be a powerful tactic. For example Germany attacks Russia in G2 and then AH follows up in AH3. That can be advantageous even when the R stack outnumbers both G and AH as individuals, but not their combined strength.

    AH leading this co-ordinated attack in AH2 is less likely to be advantageous as the G2 follow-up would be after R’s reply in R2, meaning R may have wiped out AH before G can reinforce.

    An attacking reinforcement may not involve an actual attack though. Sticking with the same example, a G2 advance into a R territory leads to a battle, but an AH2 follow-up into the same territory does not do so, unless AH so wishes, provided G is still contesting the territory. Which means that R is then faced with the challenge of any attack it decides to make in that territory being against G & AH’s multinational force. This increases the possibility that G & AH will find a co-ordinated attack beneficial, particularly if their rate of turn by turn reinforcements exceeds R’s.

    I hope I have understood your query correctly.

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