Number of victory cities?

  • When I play the cpu on triplea, i usually play a 12 city game, just cause its fun, and it dosen’t take as long.  Besides a Japan that makes more that 100 ipc a turn is just a ton of fun.  2 battleships a turn baby.  Just because I can!

  • @triforce:

    When I play the cpu on triplea, i usually play a 12 city game, just cause its fun, and it dosen’t take as long.  Besides a Japan that makes more that 100 ipc a turn is just a ton of fun.  2 battleships a turn baby.  Just because I can!Â

    that’s true…

    the cpu doesn’t have the problem of looking at your massive buys, while he is in agony about the very few and little moves he can do next.
    I love it, too 😛

  • When i play face to face, my oponets are intelegent enough to know when they have lost.  We usually say we are playing to 10 cities (the point of no return for most games) but we rarely get there.  There is usually some battle that so changes the face of the game that everyone knows who won and lost.  It’s a bit more like the victory conditions in real war anyway. You keep fighting till someone wants to quit.

  • there is always “that guy” who insists on playing when the game has cleary passed.

  • Hey guys, after long delay I’m back - hiya. I’ve tried 10, 9, and 8 victory cities, and I think I prefer the 8, it gives the Axis the best chance of victory providing they snatch up Calcutta and Leningrad, but it’s not outside the Allies range to really reinforce the hell out of at least Leningrad, making the game really interesting. Usually as Axis I focus on holding my own and again the two before mentioned cities, whereas as Allies I usually concede Calcutta is gone, and concentrate on either the three German territories (Germany first policy), or retaking Calcutta, and grabbing Kwangtung and Philipines (Japan first policy). The games are always pretty exciting, and never go too long - there’s always last ditch grabs at cities to prevent the end of the game, and they often work.

    By the way guys, why is it whenever people consider putting a Victory City in Australia, they call it Canberra? Shouldn’t it be Darwin, the only Australian city that was actually bombed?

    I thought of an interesting game adaptation, I would put it in another section, but it fits a little better with this thread though. I’ve seen alot of suggestions for other victory cities - but the problem is I like the 8 to 9 city dynamic. So, why not make a list of about 25ish cities, put them in a hat, and pull out 12 of them at random. It wouldn’t be close to historically correct, but it’d always make for an interesting game. Just be sure that both teams can agree on the outcome. Now that I think about it, you’d have to do two mixes, one for axis and one for allied territories, but that’d be okay.

  • 8 VC is an Axis win, PERIOD.

    Allies cannot hold Karelia and India against a concerted Axis push, nor can the Allies take any of the Axis VC’s before both of those Allied VC’s fall.  Maxium game length:  2 full turns with 8 VC.

  • Them’s fightin’ words! I offer to you a challenge!

  • If you want to test the 8 VC theory, I think I have enough time left to get in 2 turns before the next round of the Tournament.

    If you really want to test this, let me know.  I’ll of course take the Axis, and we’ll do a bid equivalent to what is currently pretty standard int he Tournament (6 IPC to the Axis), and I’ll place it as I have in the last several test matches:
    Bid placement with bid 1 INF in Belorussia, 2 IPC to Germany, 1 IPC to Japan.

    My DAAK ID is the same as my user name here.

    We play to 8 VC’s for victory in order to test your theory on the Allies holding Karelia and India…

  • Do you have an instant messaging program? If it’s only a few turns this’ll be the quickest way.

  • I’ll tell you what… let’s put this on the boards using a thread in Games.

    If you are not a member at DAAK, we can use the in-site dicey here to roll the dice (will be a bit messy, but could be done)

    I’ll set up the thread in Games, and you can post Russia 1 whenever you are ready.

    Germany has 1 extra INF in Belorussia, and the 2 IPC’s extra in the bank.  And Japan has 1 extra IPC in the bank.

    Russia 1 is up with $24…

    This will be quick… and if you make a single mistake, I’ll end this game in 1 turn instead of 2…

  • If you are unsure of the various online dicey’s, just post your combat moves, and I can do the dice entry based on your moves.

    This will take so little time to do I am not worried about it time-wise.

    There simply is NO WAY, you can secure both India and Karelia to not have them both be in Axis hands by the end of Turn 2, especially is 8 VC is the victory condition that is established up-front (which means that Japan and Germany can both forego their long-term plans that involve places like Ukraine/Caucuses, Egypt, China and Yakut in exchange for a no-holds-barred on India and Karelia.)

  • Well Squash, no one else appears willing to test your ideas on this.

    I have already posted exactly how the Axis can achieve 8 VC guaranteed by the end of Turn 2.

    Looks like you are going to have to step up to the plate, get a DAAK ID, and put your money where your mouth is on this one.  It appears everyone else thinks that I am correct… 8 VC is a guaranteed Axis win in 2 Turns…

  • “a guaranteed win”?


    I don’t like the sound of that.
    You are STILL playing with real dice!

    so, I suggest you keep in mind that there is a little chance that you fail ncscswitch 😛
    Although I think that in 90% of the cases, Axis can win at the end of turn 2…
    but 90% is still not the same as guaranteed

    just being a pain in the a**

  • Actually is a bit closer to 97%…

    And that in my book is a guaranteed win, since the only way you lose is a MASSIVE dice frack.

    But no one plays 8 VC anyway, so kind of a moot point.

  • mostly because it is utterly useless to do so.  I would say that as often as not it’s an axis victory in 1 round.  It takes longer to set up the board than it does to play an 8 city game.

  • Well, make it 97% then 😛

    I think there is a difference 🙂
    if you don’t care about that 3%?
    why don’t we play a little game then?

    say, you’ll GIVE me 10,000 bucks…
    you have a 97% chance of getting it back.
    3% of loosing it all and never see it again 🙂
    would you do it to prove your point?

    Nah, I don’t think you would 😛
    anyway, I wouldn’t play this game unless I was 100% sure of getting my money back 😛
    (but then again, why would you ever play the latter game  :roll:)

    oh, BTW: It’s just to prove my point 🙂

  • Okay mate, calm down, had a hell of a personal week, but I’m ready to knuckle down now. This is a forum board, not a chatroom, sorry if my responses aren’t immediate. No i’m not signed up to DAAK, but I think you can handle the dice rolls because I trust you.

  • Alright then, since the challenge is yours and that you can hold them, you get the Allies.

    Post your Russia combats and I’ll get the game started on the previously established Games thread.

  • Great - This should be fun. To clarify, my objective is to hold either Leningrad or Calcutta for two turns?

  • Your objective (to win) is to prevent the Axis from having 8 VC’s at the end of USA2.

    The likely and probable targets for the Axis to achieve 8 VC in just 2 turns are Karleia and India…

  • ncscswitch,

    interested in a game of “97% of the times you gain your money back”?
    Let me know when you are (if ever?)…

  • be sure to post the results of this game over here too.  I’m intrested to see how it goes.

  • Well, I am still awaiting R1 moves post… and with the Tournament resuming on Thursday, and me slated to play in the semi-finals, and with being limited to one game at a time… Squash (and everyone else) may have to wait for me to prove that 8VC is an Axis win.

    I did post the broad parameters of how the Axis can accomplish this in the Games thread started to test Squash’s theory…

    But alas… Squash has yet to post his moves, and no one else seems willing to take up the challenege and try to defeat the strat outline I have already posted…

  • For anyone who wants to see the results…


    India held up against the J2 attack…

    AND they did so even on a re-roll that I did for my own benefit!

    Now Squash did have to effectively suicide Russia to accomplish the defense of India, and Russian Jets certainly played a roll in moving the odds in the Allies favor.  And with the trouncing Japan took in India, Shanghai likely would have fallen to the US in US2.  Karelia was never in question… Germany had it, held it, and could not have been evicted, and had it not been a 2-turn limit game, Moscow would have fallen in G3.

    But, by my own parameters… Squash has proven me wrong on a 2 turn limit game that 8 VC is a guaranteed Axis victory…

    An extra helping of Crow here please…  I need to eat a bit more for my arrogance on THIS one!

  • Yeah, but it was a two turn game, and so he had the luxery of throwing everything into Calcutta without having to worry about future turns. If he actually had to think about defending Russia, could he have pulled it off?

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