Rules Questions so far: Defender's Casualty Selection

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    The provided FAQ already offers some interesting insights into rules related questions. Insights that arise some follow-up questions:

    (Quotes are from the above mentioned FAQ)

    Defenders do not select their casualties. A built-in defense profile selects casualties for the defender based on selecting lowest IPC cost units first.

    So atttackers are still free to choose their losses according to their needs? So when attacking an enemy territory (1 infantry there) with an infantry and a fighter and the defender scores a hit, the attacker is free to choose to lose the fighter instead the cheaper infantry - to be able to take the territory?
    And does the defender-auto-casualty selection affect the transport rules in any way? Are they still “chosen last”? Does the “defenseless transport rule” still apply?
    How are sea-battles resolved on the defender’s side? Especially complex ones including air units, submarines, destroyers on whatever side - strictly depending on the IPC-value, too?

  • First of all, the game is still in development, and once the Early Access starts, players will be able to file feature requests at our service desk.

    Right now:

    1. Yes, attackers can choose casualties in any order they prefer.
    2. Transports still must be chosen last.
    3. Yes, at this time defenders strictly choose casualties based on the lowest IPC cost units first (although still obeying rules such as hits from submarines cannot be applied to air units).

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