Introduce or Re-Introduce Yourself (Feb. 2019)

  • @djensen. Greetings from Colorado. Have been 35 for about 10 or 15 years now. Started playing, and painting since Milton Bradley. Played the Xeno version, with a thick layer of evolving house rules, for quite a few years. Even bought a couple AH games just for pieces, before I knew there were places to buy pieces. Then the G40’s were released.
    Economic limits being what they were, I finally could afford one by 2nd ed., think I’ve spent more time painting than playing though. Was shocked to see how close my house rules were, so the transition wasn’t to bad. Except the one about those damn transports, subs and hostile zones! HaHa.
    Most of my accessories, blowup boxes, ship damage chips etc. (a lot of epoxy putty) have to be home made. I thought I had nice pieces untill I looked at some here. WOW! Now I hang my head in shame.
    Still proud of a couple conversions, M-3 Lee’s out of oob British mechs, 2 Fw-190A’s became a D and a Ta152, t-34 to su-100, yadda, yadda, yadda. Since the wizards Sherman is so bad I’ve tried to make an m-10, so far little success. Whenever I can get my grand-daughter to show me how to share some pictures I will.
    Guess I’ll stop prattling and let people get on with their lives. Thanks for the site.

  • Good evening!

    So…I used to be a Heavy Bomber 😇 or 😈 (you decide), but life got in the way. My name is Jennifer, I work in I.T. and as a Land Lady.

    I was super big back in the AAR and AAR Larry Harris Tournament Rules editions. AA50 and Anniversary was fun, but I was quickly getting eclipsed by the next generation of players. I still play, sometimes, but its been a while.

    At one point in time, I put a lot of work into a custom gaming table for AARevised with colored LEDs that would change territory owner, etcetera. Am never doing that again! lol. Cost was insane, didn’t make nearly that much back after ebaying it a few years ago.

    A bit about me, I was a math major in college, I continued to get an MBA in IT; veteran of the US Army (enlisted, officers are geeks 😝) and I am now engaged to get married (wedding is set for 15 March, 2019.) I’m too old, but not old enough, I’ve “known” David since it feels like forever (pretty sure I signed up back when Hasbro released their version of Axis and Allies. lol) though we’ve never met IRL.

    I am hoping, starting in April (and assuming David as the dicey working, and we can play with TripleA maps again - though battlemap will always be my favorite) to start playing again in April this year. Miss playing for fun, not for tournaments or leagues or anything else, just a few people, together, pointing out mistakes and showing new strategies off, doing weird strategies and seeing what happens. (I was always a HUGE fan of Kill Japan First / Kill America First - which I still say means you neutralize them as a threat on the board, not necessarily take their capitols!)

    So that’s me. Well, that and I am super into RPG Crossings where we can play role playing games like D&D, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, etcetera. I use the same name there (Jennifer) because all these aliases and pseudonyms were just nuts - especially when you are trying to keep multiple character personalities straight for your RPGs! lol.

    Oh yea, also, I squeeze in SOME time (not much mind you) to play Horde and Alliance on WoW at Argent Dawn Server (Horde - Kaylee; Alliance - Vespe). If you catch me in there (good luck, I think I play 3 hours a week max now adays /sighs…)

    The Omni-Radiant
    Fleet Killer Extraordinaire
    Empress of Transports and Destroyers

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