• Hey everyone, just wanted to share a new channel on You Tube. I am covering Axis and Allies Global 1940 as well as Global War 36 from Historical Board Gaming.

    My channel name is “Admiral Sea Bass.” :-)


    My first video series is all about taking the tech rules from Global War 36 into Axis and Allies Global 40, along with some house rules on light cruisers and battle cruisers.

    Would love if you could follow me and give me feedback.

    Rank Carcass and General Hand Grenade, you get special shout outs in my opening video. Thanks guys!

  • Looking forward to seeing GW1936 stuff adapted to AAG1940. The GW1936 tech chart always looked like a pain in the ass with very tall hurdles to overcome. Are you going to bring D12 to AAG1940, or are you going to adapt the GW1936 stuff to D6?

  • @655321 on the d12 question, right now it is a mix. I am using D12 for a couple of new units - light cruisers and battle cruisers - but d6 for everything else. I have thought about implementing d12 across the board but then I could not use my new YG hit dice. :-)

    Thanks for the comments and for watching my vids!

  • '17

    Looking forward to seeing how you blend the 2 rule sets. Last g40 game we played my group was disappointed by some missing unit types but happy with the faster builds for factory and naval units. Tech in g40 is so broken we never got a guy willing to use it. Gw36 tech is always in play. Good luck its looking good!

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