Dire Axis Situation….To the Last man.

  • things are looking great :lol:

    but: remember: don’t get to confident!!!
    do not overestimate your Japs…
    Not even their fleet.

    team building is everything, even with the Axis!
    so, reinforce that western front in Berlin with every infantry Japan can send there!
    then Germany can start building artillery as well and think of claiming those UK and USA occupied countries back!

    have fun!

  • Oh no… Im not getting overconfident.  Im not making that mistake. Im just relieved that some of the pressure is off of me now.  it was all in the air and when they made moves that shoudlve counted, they frigged up man…YES!!  hopefully they will attack germany with all armor next turn… I want them too cause thats all the UK has in Western Europe and Italy.

    Wow…now that I think about it…they are starting to do some very noooby things~ lol

    So u guys think my plan sounds good ?  Its Germanys turn…i can buy 5 Inf. and add it onto the 24 I have there now, along with 6 Jap arm.

    hmmmmmmm…im gonna go stare at the map…  >= )

  • Sounds like you really turned the situation in your favor, the allies should bring a white flag for your next session.
    If they don’t just show them what a mass of infantry can do, you’re doing the right thing, keep it up.

    -Daniel Malus

  • Its amazing how inf can slaughter tanks when the tanks have nothing to take hits for them

  • The war still rages and here it burns deep;


    – 29 Inf in Germany ,  6 Japanese arm


    – Western Europe with 6 Inf , 9 Arm

    – Southern Europe with 6 Arm , 2 Figs

    – Balkans with 5 Arm , 2 Figs

    Not much else…  Japan has all of Africa/Asia for now but there are 6 US tanks waiting in Brazil with trannies…if they are smart they will move em to Europe but who knows…this game has gone on for like 2 months now.


    – Moscow has 5 Inf , 4 Art and 5 Arm

    – Caucasus has 8 Inf  (I have banzai NA btw)

    Japan is also ready to launch an amphibious assault with 10 Inf into Western Canada …UK has 6 Figs in Western Canada and the US has like 3 tanks in Western US and 2 in Eastern US.  He will probably move the 5 or 6 tanks he has in Brazil the Eastern US now that I think about it.  I just wanna wipe out all those fighters all in one spot.

    –  Soviet Far East has like 5 Inf and 3 Arms which im gonna start moving west.

    The attack will come from Japan proper.


    US doesnt have much except some tanks and trannies.  They have a nice sized fleet around midway but if they attack me i will have 5 trannies and 7 subs for cannon fodder (super-submarines btw) and 1 battleship, 2 carriers and 3 Figs.  If they attack me fine.

    They could still pull something off and Im trying to be careful about every move~

  • Hey,

    what about IPC count?
    J is making 70 IPC’s and G 10?

    Balkans look REALLY tempting to attack as Japan!!!
    5 armor and 2 figs defending?
    as J, you have 6 armor in Germany and some figs nearby?
    do you have some infantry or artillery to use as fodder?

    maybe you should try to build some art as Germany…
    so, when Japan attacks those shiny UK units in Balkans, but the Japs don’t succeed in liberating it? then G can finish them off!
    they lose 5 arms and 2 figs!!! remember that!!!

    as for entering USA? not a good thing to do, I believe…
    they can counterattack heavily in just one round!!!
    and for what gain?
    I think it’s better to produce lots of ground units in Russia and start liberating Germany!!!
    for every IPC J spends over there, you’ll get immediate IPC-gain for G!
    while attacking the USA will cost you lots of fleet units…

  • Well Japan gets like 66 IPC and Germany gets about 25-30 but usually ends up with like 15-19 because of Bombings~

    I want to land 10 Jap. Inf. in North America because he has no one in Alaska and 6 figs in Western Canada.  I dont want to take the US, I just want to take out those fighters and atleast have the US divert resources from Europe for one or 2 turns.  That is enough for me to get Japan in position to attack and contain the UK in Europe.

    I can afford to lose 10 Inf. and besides, I max out on Units in Moscow anyway.  I might as well make some moves on the Eastern front.  Besides, it’ll take me forever to get Units from Japan proper to Europe.  I might be able to hole up in Alaska.

    Plus, I cant afford to buy artillery for Germany.  It all depends on the amount of IPC I have .  If I have 20 then ill buy 5 art but otherwise id buy all Inf again.  Better safe than sorry.  Id rather have 35 Inf all in Germany anyway.  Germany isnt going to attacking anybody anytime soon anyway.

  • If you have Russia and Caucassus…
    that’s 8+4 is 12 units you can produce AND place.
    that is good for 60 IPC’s of armor…
    and you tell it would take you forever?
    in 2 turns they can free Balkans easily 🙂


  • Germany has the Caucasus, not Japan…so any troops coming to reinforce are Jap troops from Moscow~

  • So…any suggestions then or do u gus think im doing well so far?  i mean anything can really happen…the “genius” friend has dropped outta the game and so has left my other friend to play for US and UK…the “genius” left him with no Russia and like no real units for the US…

    UK is there only hope~

  • Maybe try to let him take Caucasus 😛
    withdraw almost all of your units from G in Caucasus to Moscow…
    let him take Caucasus, and counter it with J instead!!!
    then J has more IPC’s and can get more units to the front than G ever will.
    G loses 4 IPC’s but gets 4 Japanese armor to help instead 🙂

    Why not withdraw all units, you say?
    If you do that, he’ll see what your up to…
    if you play a little poker, and make a calculation that will lose statistically…
    he’ll see an opening because he thought you made a mistake!
    leaving it wide open will make him suspicious.

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