Dire Axis Situation….To the Last man.

  • So let me break it down for you guys that are interested and maybe give me some pointers as to what to do next.

    Russia has fallen to Japan~  In the Process of helping to bring down Russia Germany is weakened.

    UK has a foothold now in Western Europe and has some tanks holding onto Italy (maybe like 4).

    I am holing up in Germany with like 22 Inf.  Im pretty sure Germany is going to fall maybe in like 2-3 turns dependant on what I do.

    There is a US presence in Soviet far east but Im not worried about that because theres more than enough Japanese troops to take care of them.  I believe instead of putting pressure on the east my opponents are slowly starting concentrate now on knocking down Germany.

    **** Plus, they are super cheesing me with Heavy Bombing in unison with some research so that I cant even defend against their rolls…how cheesy, germany has been losing like 16 ipc every turn for like the last 5-6 but ive still been kicking their cheesy asses all over the place****

    Now I dont know whether to just hole up in Germany and hope for Japanese reinforcements from Moscow~  Mobilization is key here and Moscow is too far~

    I dont know if I can possibly win in the long run… I can start to reinforce Russias borders with Germany in expectation of Allied assaults or take a more pro-active response and keep attacking.  If I can still turn this around then that would be great but Im thinking this is just gonna become a fight to the last man~

    Japan is collecting like 60 IPc every round now.  I need some ideas or suggestions~  Shouyld I be cheesy and make this game last as long as I possibly can.  I feel like wasting as much of their time as possible because of their super cheesy ways.  BUT if you guys have some ideas that would be great~

    Generalized Common Startegy at this point would be greatly welcome… What would you do besides quit?  I cant make it too easy for these guys…Even if I can make this game go on indefinitely that would be great.  I dont mind the whole strategic bombing I cant defend against but its the way they skirted around the possible startegy w/o asking me directly if they can do stuff like that.  Im a new player to the revised edition and so are they…

    When I discover new rules or new possible startegies I would bring it up with them whether it was too my disadvantage or not but they did not.  Instead they skirted around it and got my permission on very vague terms ~  Basically they kept me in the dark when they shouldnt have and still continue to be cheesy but its cool… If they want a cheesy victory thats fine…They still suck and Ive been kicking their a** regardless of that gay a** bombing~

    questions and comments are greatly appreciated~~~

  • Well you’ve probably already figured this, but you should land your Japanese fighters in Germany, assuming you still have 4-6 surviving FIG, that should help hold Berlin for an extra turn or two.  Also, do you have any Japanese fleet to speak of near Africa/Med?  If USA does a Kill Germany First, and has little to no Pacific fleet presense, than I often have split my Japanese capital ships and sent one group through South Pacific, Indian Ocean, and ready to enter the Med in turns 3-5, and break up the Allied tranny system by turn 5-7.

    For being aggressive, I am not sure what you mean.  If aggressive to you means leaving Germany to defend herself while Japan builds up a USA invasion fleet in the East, than I think aggressive is wrong.  Even with 60 IPCs and a headstart on the fleet, USA can cheaply and effectively defend its capitals.  London, San Fran, or Washington will not fall while Germany is getting killed–partly because the Allies are collecting income from gray territories, partly because Germany poses no threat.  I would try shoring up the Infantry in Berlin with fighter and armor purchases by Japan in the conquered Russian IC’s.  Fighter can reach in one turn, armor in two.  Once Germany can defend itself again the Allies will have lost their shot at winning the game.

  • Sounds Solid~~   I have 1 battleship, 2 carriers (w/ 4 figs), 6 Subs, and 4 transports in the outer Japan.  Now they have a sizeable fleet around midway , a combined force of UK and US ships but I believe they are dividing it up and sending alot thru the Panama Canal to the Atlantic.

    After my next turn and dependant on what they do with their fleet, I could launch about 10 inf into western canada (they have been upgraded to attack at 2 or less with Japans Banzai Attack NA).Â

    The thing is I dont want want to be completely reactionary to their moves. Im very worried about the European Theatre and what I should place as new units in Moscow.  Im considering buying like 6 Inf and like 5 Arm to place there.  Im thinking I need to mobilze into the unoccupied grey territories with Japanese troops as fast as I can.  There are already like about 5 Jap Arms within striking distance of Italy.  I think ill be moving those into Germany from your suggestion.  I have such an aggressive mentality when it comes to this game that im always quick to attack.

    If germany falls atleast japan can collect income in the territories it controls on the German/Russian front~

    I think Ive lost Italy because its Germany’s turn and then UK goes, hes just gonna buy Inf to defend it.  Most of they grey territories are not under Allies control but they have a Western Europe and Italy so im kind of, for a lack of a better word; fucked.  Im loathe to just give up Italy~

    I think what I might need to do is create a new western front~  I think I DEFINTELY HAVE TO attack North America somehow, sometime because all the US really has now is some armor and like nothing else~Â

  • This sounds exactly like how the game my roommate played with me last night I was axis and ended up winning but we were at the very same point.  He had a decent fleet over by midway but what I did to take a little pressure off of germany was begin to moblize from japan, I was making 61 ipcs with japan so I had plenty of money to send around.  I just began stacking my trannies with troops/armor (you still have the 4 fighters which are not going unnoticed if you decided to assault western america).  It will probably still take a turn before you can truly get an obvious assault mounted but now america does have another threat to divert funds too.  What I did with the extra money I took from russia I immediately invested in 8 tanks, of course I already had a huge japanese force that would be into germany within two turns, so the route I went after the initial 8 tank buy was 3-4 figs at a time.  I got lucky and also spent 15 for fighter jets and hit it so by the time the allies were able to roll up in germany I had moved my guys from western europe (giving it up) and had a formidable force of around 32 2’s, 13 or so armor, and 5 figs.  Needless to say his biggest assault netted him only 10 casualties which I easily replaced with germany.  From there I just bought more infantry/arm with japan and more figs which I moved into germany and he gave up because I was getting ready to mobilize against america.  It was far from over but over the long run I had the edge.  Anyways I think the biggest push needs to come from japan once russia has fallen.  YOu need to mobilize your navy to move towards west america to take some pressure off of the trannies of men america keeps sending in and you need to support germany from moscow with figs and tanks

  • LoL…This actually helps alot, u guys are giving me alot to think about and I am becoming hopeful~  Now my main concern as far as Europe is concerned is getting some good units into germany to defend~

    So perhaps I can still win against these noobs…Their overconfidence will be their undoing.

  • I was also getting busted by heavy bombing but I got extremely lucky and managed to shoot down at least a plane here and there, with germany if you are pushed back a lot of your survival will depend on the luck of the rolls and if you can hold them off long enough for japan to reinforce germany.  Your pacific fleet should be big enough to at least make him concerned about transports having an easy time getting to west america and back to japan.  I think that was my key to victory last night, that and a massive force holed up in germany.  Plus once you have 10+figs posted in moscow and germany you can decide if you want to attack his navy.  Either way he is going to lose some transports if nothing more and you can always retreat planes if you take a bad hit.

  • with germany buying infantry, moscow sending tanks and fighters flying from japan you should be ok, like others said, you jap fleet nees to make usa concenred so he can’t devote all his cash to europe, even if you don.t invade.  as you build in europe you can start to use the japs to liberate gray territoris so germany doesn’t have to split their stack in berlin.  at this stage you should be making more cash than them so trading planes for trannies is ok for you.  also, what is the africa situation?

  • Well, I have like 22 Infantry In Germany itself…I’ll max out on Inf there on this turn and prolly have like 28….  if Britain doesnt attack on its next turn then I think Ill be ok because Ill be able to move in 5 tanks atleast from Japan in the Caucus I believe~~

    Plus I will buy more Inf on Germany’s next turn~

    I have 4 jap tanks in Egypt and getting ready to deploy all across africa~  However, US built a factory in Brazil and Im pretty sure he will be trying to regain a foothold in Africa with like a 2 Inf and 2 Tanks~  We shall see what happens there~

    Im also just realized that Jet fighters can defend against Heavy/superfortress bombing?!?!?!?!!  Once again a tribute to my enemies lack of honor since they fail to mention these things until way after.  Serves me right for playing fair I guess~

    To give you a better idea of one of the individuals im playing against…hes always right, always stubborn and considers himself to be brilliant (seriously)~  Ill knock over the board “accidentally” before I let him win~

    Ugh…I wish Germany had taken Russia instead of Japan, it wouldve made things a whole bunch easier~  live and learn i guess~

    The Pacific theatre is soon to be non existent since I feel that they are now going to be diverting RU to the European theatre, this will work in my favor and I will have to land atleast like 20 jap inf in North America somewhere~  My main objective not too take US (though I wouldnt mind lol) but to kill a couple of turns so that the new Jap Moscow can build enough troops to make this game last indefinitely~  I still havent given up on victory mostly due to the advice Im getting from you guys~ Hope is not lost !!!

  • Yeah, no need to push into America until you are ready, just become annoying to them, before they have the chance to mobilize any kind of sea effort you will be able to reinforce your navy if needed.  I would suggest instead of buying more infantry, spend the bread on a couple pieces of armor (if you were planning on buying 5 infantry that would obviously be 3 armor).  The extra die for the tanks is helpful and it will help in keeping your opponent a little at bay with the prospect of a retaliation.  Plus I find when I had that many 2’s I didn’t hit as much as I liked, they were more there for fodder.  I am not sure which one is statistically better I don’t have a calc with me, but I am pretty sure  that 3 3’s is slightly more favorable than 5 2’s.

  • Lets look at statisics shall we

    3 arm
    9/6 = 1,5 hits per turn (potential 3 hits per turn)

    5 inf
    10/6 = 1,7 hits per turn (potential 5 hits per turn)

    I’d always go for infantry first
    If you need to threathen your opponent by possible attacks I suggest you build up your infantry, add a little artillery when possible. This is a cheap way of building up lots of defense while still having the option to take territory.

    Also hope is not lost, he just lost 15 IPC on a complex in brazil lol

    Regards and good luck

  • 2007 AAR League

    What has been said, in the way of advice, in the posts above goes for me too…

    I just want to say that it sounds like you are having quite a fun game after all! Keep us posted on what happens!

  • @Perry:

    What has been said, in the way of advice, in the posts above goes for me too…

    I just want to say that it sounds like you are having quite a fun game after all! Keep us posted on what happens!

    Yeah… lol
    Even though its a bit unfair, axisandallies.org against one man, but thats what you get for cheating and not informing people of rules!

    -Daniel Malus

  • @Malus:

    Lets look at statisics shall we

    3 arm
    9/6 = 1,5 hits per turn (potential 3 hits per turn)

    5 inf
    10/6 = 1,7 hits per turn (potential 5 hits per turn)

    I’d always go for infantry first
    If you need to threathen your opponent by possible attacks I suggest you build up your infantry, add a little artillery when possible. This is a cheap way of building up lots of defense while still having the option to take territory.

    Also hope is not lost, he just lost 15 IPC on a complex in brazil lol

    Regards and good luck

    He already has 22 infantry though, he needs to diversify a little, 2 units will not make a difference but the presence of three tanks will.  I would even go artillery before I go more infantry so at least if he does decide to push back after a massive assault he still has the numbers.  It really all revolves around what the other individual is going to attack with as well, now if you take a huge hit to your infantry, than yeah it is time to buy more, but I think 22 infantry is a sufficient base to start diversifying.

  • If he has a base of 22 inf in germany and still are afraid of loosing it in the next few turns he hasn’t enough infantry.
    Keep building infantry until you feel safe, thats still my advice.
    With Russia down its time to cool down a little, when this is obtained you have been on the offense a lot and some fronts are still vulnerable, reinforce all fronts until you are safe, you should be able to slowly draining the allies by now, taking a little piece of land turn after turn. Whatever you do, don’t rush into an attack where you loose other units than infantry, If you obtain this, while having the economical upperhand you will win the game.


  • First off, this is great…I really want to thank you guys for such good ideas and your time~

    So heres the current situation…I went for Germany and bought 6 more infantry so I have 24 inf in Germany now and 5 in the balkans~

    I will be able to move 6 Jap tanks into Germany on its turn~ and there is also a slow ass artillery headed that way as well LoL~  as far as diversifying with a little art or arm, I will be able to do so more comfortabley now that I feel Germany is much more secure~

    Im pretty sure I will be able to hold Germany for some turns now~

    The Uk moves next so I am very curious to see what happens and what he does next.    I do believe it is time for me to start shoring up various fronts.  I have been on the offensive for practically the whole game.  Whats more important I think now is what to start buying for Japan.

    There is a US presenence of 6 arm and 4 fighters in the Soviet Far East and 4 Inf in Yakut SSR.  Within striking range of these forces are my 22 Jap Inf, 6 Figs, 2 art, and 4 tanks~  LoL, needless to say I think im gonna wipe them out~

    Now Im starting to think about which way Japan should be headed~  Japanese troop placemnt in Moscow is of utmost importance and critical at this juncture of the game~  Basically, I cant mess up now~ lol.  Im pretty sure Ill have around like 70 Ipc for Japan at the end of my next round~

    Im now in the process of drawing up short term Japanese objectives.

  • you still make a chance indeed…
    if J is making 60 IPC’s and G was still making 20… this is 80 in total.
    what has UK and USA? each probably about 40… and Russia still some IPC’s on a few territories…

    then axis have an edge indeed!

    Since I look at all the units present on the field, I have a nice topic for a you guys:
    what was the most expensive battle you’ve encountered

  • Yes, Germany collected 23 and Japan collects like a little bit over 60 IPC.  While the UK and USA get like 40 each~  Russia is out of the game~  and I’m gonna keep it that way….

    I’m considering going for Jet fighter development since I think I have enough Jap units on the board for this upcoming turn and I need some sort of defense against the gay a** heavy/superfortress cheese bombings~

    I’m gonna get my friends to come over tonight so we can play some more.  With all these new ideas and possible strats in my head I really need to play the next round of play~

    I believe I will be definitely concentrating on placing more Jap units on the European theatre of the game~

  • If you have the extra flow with japan I don’t think jet fighters is a bad investment, that is if you can roll it, I got lucky and hit it first time on a dice of 3, whereas my friend rolled for heavy bombing with america and he missed it on his first 4 roll dice, so it can go either way.  I don’t know where you are in your game but you might want to also start thinking about moving troops to africa to fortify it.  In my game by the time russia had fell and I had britan and america invading germany I had complete control of africa and the indian passages and I think that is relatively important.

  • Some ideas:

    Build a lot of tanks in Moscow, so they can help defend Germany in a couple of turns.

    Perhaps consider building a transport off of Caucasus, and start ferrying troops into Africa as long as there aren’t any pesky bombers around. The UK will not be happy when the cash leaks out of his pockets, and he’s so busy trying to crack Germany he shouldn’t have time to go down there to clean it up.

    A question:

    What other NAs are being used? I noticed banzai infantry and superfortresses, but what else is going on?

    Also where is the majority of the US fleet? I noticed somehow they got troops into the Far East but where is their transport system concentrated now? If they’re still in the Pacific then knock them out, and if they’re in Europe then you can start using your transports to take Alaska/West Canada every turn and thereby decrease pressure on Germany.

    And as far as I know, Jet fighters don’t defend against bombings/superfortresses. There is a variant of rules that allows this, but it is not either in LHTR or the normal combat manual. Superfortresses + heavy bombers is indeed very powerful, and I wonder if you’re using the LHTR (larry harris tournament rules). In LHTR, superfortresses CAN be shot down although it is difficult (you roll 2 die, they have to add up to 3 or less to shoot down a bomber) and heavy bombers roll 2 die but pick the better of the two and add 1 for bombing raids, or in normal combat just pick the better of the two so they’re not nearly as good.

  • Well,  as far the NA’s are concerned:

    Germany has used the Atlantic wall defense~
    Japan is using Banzai attacks~

    US has used the Superfortress~
    Russia had used Russian Winter~
    The UK has used some NA which doesn’t even matter anymore ~  (lol i forgot, but only because it doesn’t even matter now)

    I have maybe like 6 Jap arms within Germany’s reach for reinforcements so I’m going to start shoring up the Russian front from Moscow with Jap Inf and a couple of tanks here and there~

    Much of the US fleet is around Midway Island but I think they are going to be moving thru the panama canal towards the Atlantic~  I’m playing against 2 opponents…the UK opponent has convinced the US to start moving his Pacific fleet west towards England~

    The US is going to lose like 6 arm, 4 figs and 4 inf in the soviet far east (they are divided because I baited his 4 Inf out).  A turn after their utter annihilation I think I will be able to dump a crap load of Inf into the North Americas~  I like to keep them reactionary.  they haven’t even realized what Ive been doing.  They think I’m utterly disheartened.  To further reinforce this notion I have been offerring secret pacts with England and Cease fire treaties (hahahaha the fools).  Even if I lose this game eventually, it was grand fun and still continues to be.  LoL, we get so serious sometimes though that we actually get annoyed at each other and begin to fight.

    I have been eyeing Alaska and Western Canada though but I will not invade unless I have a sufficient force of Inf.  This invasion is inevitable however.

    As far as Africa is concerned I have 4 Jap arms in Egypt ready to spread out all over the continent~  As far as being able to reinforce Africa, that probably wont come until much later if needed~

    Oh man, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was reading this and using it against me~  this game seems to lack honor or fair play~  its allright though…we are on like Turn 10-11 and I’m still here kicking their asses all over the map~

  • Thats funny, when I am with a group of my friends we are so competitive that the last couple of times it was a free for all yelling match (except last time when it was just four of us, that went pretty well).  It sounds like you are doing alright, as long as germany hasn’t fallen by the time russia goes down, then the axis can pretty much swing the game from there.  We have not played with NA yet so I am not too familiar with them.  Keep us updated on your progess and good luck 🙂

  • Sounds like you are going to win.

    With a huge stockpile of inf, Atlantic wall almost makes it’s not worth it to bring troops from an amphibious assault (for instance, if you have 30 infantry, Atlantic wall gives you an average of 5 more hits on the first round, which nails more than half of the 4x4 coming in from the UK).

    The US looks way too much out of position to do anything of consequence, and it looks like Africa is going to go down hard.

  • Well, lets hope so…because they are coming over in like a half an hour or so to play~  im excited and nervous…keep in mind that he is holding italy with 4 tanks and western europe with like 4 UK inf, 2 Uk arm, 2 US Inf, and 3 US Arm …but he doesnt have much inf.  I have 24 in Germany lol  and I Jap reinforcements are not far I guess…

    I believe I can hold out…all Germany needs to do is survive…Worst case scenario but still…  Japan is right there now soon, in 2 turns…all I need is 2 turns~Ill start buying art next round if im still here, spice it up a bit…

    Even if Germany falls…Japan will is in the position to take many grey territories back already anyway~  I think I might still wing it~

    Lets hope guys, wish me luck…ill update later…

    lol axis&allies.org vs one man…i still think thats funny

  • @omniconsum3r:

    lol axis&allies.org vs one man…i still think thats funny

    team building is everything in A&A

  • OK so here it is gents:

    The US force in the Far East is no longer, though he did manage to save his 4 fighters~  I was willing to sacrifice my Jap attack force there and so it is done.  The US is weak on its Western front.  Western Canada is open for an invasion of like 10 Jap inf I am planning for the second Jap turn after my next.

    LoL whats funny is that they are trying to send me in the wrong direction by doing things like mutterring outloud  “yea, my trannies can make it to England in 2 turns”…Pffft hahahaha I had to laugh outloud because I was like

    “Dude, u think im stupid?  Just cause u say something under ur breath just loud enough for me to hear doesnt mean Im gonna start changing my tactics…its called Contingency plans buddy.”  This was the guy that thinks and really believe he is @@cough cough@@ brilliant.

    On the European front, here it is…  I now have 24 German Inf and like 6 jap tanks in Germany.  All they are buying is Arm with no Inf Cannon fodder.  I dont know what they are thinking or doing but its OK by me lol.  he also actually made an attack into germany with 4 US arm and 2 US inf.  haha needless to say, they didnt get very far.

    Its Germany’s turn so Im gonna buy like 5 more German Inf so ill have 29 German Inf in Germany.  Japan is also on the move.  Im buying Japanese Inf en masse to reinforce the rest of the European theatre and poise myself for possible counter-attacks.  Plus, with my banzai attacks it makes sense to buy mass inf for the next couple of turn on Jap.  Ill prolly have to buy some tanks to supplement my Jap Inf in Europe.

    This is VERY GOOD.  LoL, they have demoralized themselves~  You guys shouldve seen the way they were sulking and posturing with their body language.  They are messing up and they know it.  They dont realize that time is no longer on their side.  They are working against the clock and are dropping the ball.

    I have all of africa now by the way~  The only thing Im worried about is their US fleet in the pacific but on the US’s last turn they started seperating their trannies from the fleet moving 4 in the direction of the panama canal.  There are some arms on some of those trannies but who cares~!! lol.

    I am willing to sacrifice 10 jap inf on a North American Incursion.  All I need to do is take off the pressure Germany at this point and this is succeeding.  Ive been slowly adding a sub or a transport here to my existing fleet every round so I have like 7 subs, 1 battleship ,2-3 destroyers, 2 ACs (3 figs) and like 5 trannies.  I have super submarines btw.


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