Card Deck Question: Escalation versus Z Rise

  • OK, disclaimer first: maybe this is a very stupid question.
    But my AAZ deck contains one ‘Z Rise’ card and five Escalation cards.
    While the A&A 1942 deck included only has Escalation cards…


  • Good question. The Z Rise card is identical in function to the Escalation cards. I don’t know the answer but my guess is someone was careless in the card design department.

  • Or: in a previous (test) version of AAZ there was actually a card called ‘Z Rise’.

    I think this very card can be used handily for a house rule. I thought about making this card acutally a rather dramatic event.
    My idea was (but this is just an idea so all ideas/criticisms are welcome):

    The following neutral territories do not have a Z card:

    Eire (Ireland)

    Sahara and Himalaya are considered unpasseble territories.

    Angola and Mozambique were Portuguese colonies.

    So my idea for a house rule was:

    If someone draws the ‘Z Rise’ card all truely neutral areas without an own card get a Z.
    Still they do not get an IPC value.

    But these areas can be entered. These areas are playable. And if you have the ZMCR tech (technology 6) you can move these units. And if you have technology 5 (DNC transports) you can move these units by transport. Well, not the Afghan one of course…

    What do people think? Should Mozambique and Angola also be included. Or even Sahara and Himalaya: while players can still not enter these areas these Zs there can be moved (see above, technology 6 and in case of Sahara technology 5 too (yes, Sahara does have a coastline!)).
    Maybe this is too harsh for the British player. On the other hand some say game is tilted towards the Allies. So this might actually balance the game a bit.

    All your ideas are welcome.

    David, if this must be moved to another section of the forum: just let me know.

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