Thoughts on the Scott Van Essen (Lead Developer for AAZ) Interviews

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    The more I think about it actually, the more I realize that the Zombies slow the game down more than they speed it up. Turning territories into meat grinders dissuades players from committing forces to said territories before they have stacks that are large enough to:

    • Survive initial Zombie Attrition and possibly take the territory.
    • Survive the counter-punch/strafe attempt from the neighboring stack.
    • Survive another round of Zombie Attrition brought on by the casualties from the counter-punch.

    I think someone in another thread made a note about refraining from building INF to keep the Zombie Count under control. That might actually be a viable option for Germany (not so much for Japan, due to their lackluster income).

  • @DoManMacgee I’ve noticed too how the zombies can slow down play. At least, they slow down play until a player gets a tech or two. Simplifying other aspects of the rulebook obviously helps speed things up and mitigate the zombie slowdown, but yes the slowdown is apparent. I’ve found that ZIBRA Suits and Chainsaw Tanks especially help to “mow the lawn” more quickly and with less attrition when it comes to zombie infestation.

    I’ve played enough games now and am comfortable enough with the rules to get through a game of AAZ in about 3 to 4 hours, which I think is on the shorter side of playtimes in the AA universe.

  • @655321

    ZIBRA and Chainsaw seem to be the ‘best’ technologies, yes. Especially ZIBRA: everyone got some infantry units. ‘Richer’ countries will have some armor here and there. But please mind that the ‘artillery-technology’ Z-4 Explosives gives you stronger artillery units for the whole of the combat. Chainsaw gives you only one extra attack. As this is before normal combat these Zs that were hit do not take part in the actual combat that follows.
    Personally I like that these technologies differ a bit on details like this. Then again: it might turn out that some of the technologies are really too strong and thus unbalancing the game of AAZ.

  • Talking Technology here…

    Air D.O.T.s:

    Somebody already brought this up. This does technology imply that you may initiate (start) a combat without any land units on your side and then have that extra round of combat? Or does this technology only apply if you start combat while having land units present?

    If it is the former (you can start combat with no land units on your side) then this technology seems to be rather powerful… What do others think? Any official word on this?

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