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Global War Con

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    ![12189420_845738925524717_828464249026928527_o.jpg](image url)

    We are piggy backing a Global War Convention on the back of Consimworld Expo in Tempe, AZ June 27th, 28th, and 29th.

    Badge is $60 for three days or $100 if make it to whole convention (plus get a t-shirt if register before Feb 10th.


    The plan is to have enough space for two games of Global War 36’ going on at the same time.

    Plus a chance to see GW 1861, and GW 1962 preliminary set up displayed.

    In addition GW 1914, and GW 2025 can potentially be play tested at the convention.

    Come check out this extremely war gaming friendly venue for the three days of GW Con or the whole week starting June 22nd. They have a bazaar table that is extremely buyer friendly in terms of prices and a fun auction on Friday night. Plus listen to numerous seminars being hosted by various game companies in the evening.

    A chance to see numerous play testing games and see games that can last years with the folks recording where the units were and the next Expo continue the battle.

    Truly unique convention for war gamers.

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