• If E uk planes land India can they attack with pacific uk navy against Japan on Uk Pacific turn?

  • It is the same turn. Simply the economies are separate. So, you buy for the E UK and then buy for the P UK then move jointly. It is one power except for income and placing units. The only time you can share money between the two is if you are buying a tech roll if you are using the research rules.

  • So if I understand you correctly, once the uk fighters land in India they can then participate in uk Pacific’s attack (which follows uk Europe turn in global) on IJN on following turn. They are no longer tied to uk Europe schedule?

  • No, it’s the same turn. There is no difference between UK Europe and Pacific. The only difference is the money. So when it is Uk’s turn you have to keep the European money and Pacific money separate. So you will make two separate purchases. Then during the Combat movement you move the UK power as a whole. So if you were to move that fighter to India it have finished it’s movement. Just as if you have moved a tank from India into Eastern Persia. UK moves as one entity just like every other faction. They only difference is purchasing units and placing those units on the board.

    So there is no separate UK Europe and UK Pacific turn. It is all one big turn.

    I hope I explained it better.

  • @Mursilis sorry I’m still trying to make sense here. The Uk gets to make purchases under the both powers but it sounds like your saying they can move both units in pac and euro on both turns. I understood that euro turn made ero purchases and moves the Pacific turn made pac purchases and pac moves. How do you make sure a unit doesn’t move on euro turn and then same unit moves on pac turn?

  • It’s all one turn. There is no separate Europe UK and Pacific turn its all one turn. So all UK units move once. The only thing that is separate is purchasing and placing units. UK is one country just like germany is one country and Russia is one country and japan is one country. The only thing different about UK from everyone else is you keep your purchases separate and your unit placement separate on the europe and pacific side of the boards.

    So you purchase for the Europe UK and Pacific UK on the same turn. Keeping the money from each board separate. Then at combat movement phase it becomes one entity just like all the other countries. At the CM and NCM there is no Europe UK and Pacific UK there is just the UK. Does that help?
    Then when you place units and collect money you once again keep the economies separate as well as unit placement. What UK pacific buys can’t be placed on the European side of the board and vice versa.

    So once again UK is one entity you don’t move twice and they are not two separate powers as far as movement of units on the board is concerned.

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