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    compare to…

    It cracks me up what the “experts” come up with on a weekly basis… Last week they found out that BBQ’ed Chicken, that has “burnt” meat on it, can cause cancer… Heck I learned that when I was 8…


  • The real problem with Aspartame is not cancer. Aspartame messes with your metabolism. You’ll actually gain more weight in the long run drinking 5 cans of diet coke per day than you will 5 cans of regular coke.

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    I figured it had that affect as well… The problem with the research here is that it was conducted in a year or less… Aspartame’s affects are long-term, but that doesn’t mean that having someone down diet coke for 6 months proves that it doesn’t cause cancer…


  • Well, Aspartame has never been directly linked to cancer. There has been some loose connections with brain cancer, but nothing concrete. It’s been linked with some brain problems I believe though. I wrote an article for my school newspaper awhile back on the topic, but I don’t have it with me.

  • at the same time though, high fructose corn syrup is not only the worst sugar you can have, but caused laziness in mice. mice who drank water with high fructose corn syrup in it did less exercise than those with regular water. diet sodas dont do that. no one should drink 5 sodas in a day anyway, diet or otherwise, but having one or two, its better to have diet than regular. high fructose corn syrup is really the only health thing i care about. its in SO MANY drinks. its ridiculous. juices have it. whenever you buy a juice, make sure its 100%, and not a juice drink. because juice drinks have high fructose corn syrup. so does snapple, soda, all kinds of “alternative” drinks like Sobe, so much. i had coke from mexico once, cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup- so much better! drink companies should switch. soda will still be just as good, but cane sugar is much better than high fructose corn syrup, as far as sugars go.

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    The point would be that neither is good… Diet has aspartame and regular has high fructose sugar… neither are good… and sometimes it is just a lack of water that makes you lathargic… Although I would agree that cane sugar is better than fructose… But the true problem is that sugar is an “addictive” outside of its natural makeup, so even “cane” sugar (which is usually refined) has no nutritional value that you would find in other sources (like honey or “unrefined” fructose sources)…


  • Janus, I completely agree. The problem however with aspartame is it’s perception. People see the 1 calorie on the back of a diet coke and think “Damn, I can drink as many as I want!”. They don’t realize what the artificial sugar is doing to them.

    That said, it is worth noting that Sweet’n’Low has no negative side effects.

  • GG: of course its still sugar, and is still very bad for you, but they could make soda significantly less detrimental to your health, and still keep all the taste if they just stopped using high fructose corn syrup. it would be such a small but significant change

    Yanny: thats true. people are dumb… <shrugs>what can you do?</shrugs>

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