• Hi everyone,
    I know it has been discussed already but i found it difficult to find the information i am looking for.

    1. I would like to know how big of an impact AAA/ AA would have in the game if they could fire at bombers during a strategic bombing raid.
      What would be a good ‘‘rate of fire’’? 1 shot per AAA no matter how many bombers are attacking or the usual rule for defending (3 shots per AAA up to a maximum of 1 shot fired per attacking plane)?
      Would it make it a bit more risky or would it make bombing raid simply suicidal?

    2. If i decide to go for transports defending on 1 it is better to keep the chosen last rules? I mean someone cheezy could very well get 1-2 empty transports for the ride just to ‘‘soak up’’ wounds correct?

    Thank you for any useful input.

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