• These house rules are meant to create a more realistic game while being as simple as possible.

    Anti-aircraft artillery attack and defend on a 1.
    Fighters defend on a 3.
    Bombers attack on a 3.
    Aircraft carriers defend on a 1.
    Transports defend on a 1.

    Damaged battleships have to be adjacent to a friendly territory with an industrial complex to be repaired and may be repaired for 1 IPC each by the player who owns the industrial complex at the start of that player’s turn.

    Fighters may intercept bombing raids and hit on a 2. Defending bombers hit on a 1, and defending fighters hit on a 2. The intercept lasts for 1 round of combat. Fighters that intercept cannot defend vs an invasion of their territory that turn.

    Industrial complexes are not purchasable.

    After an industrial complex is captured, it is damaged to its fullest extent.

    No IPCs are lost if a capital is captured. That power continues to collect income and may produce out of other industrial complexes they own. If their last industrial complex is captured, they discard all of their IPCs and do not collect any more.

    Changes to Starting Setup

    Buryatia S.S.R. – 1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    Karelia S.S.R. – 1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    Russia – 1 Bomber
    Eastern Australia – 1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery, 1 Fighter, 1 Industrial Complex
    Eastern Canada – 1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery, 1 Industrial Complex
    Anwei – 1 Infantry
    Brazil – 2 Infantry
    Sinkiang – 3 Infantry
    Szechwan – 1 Infantry, 1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    Yunnan – 1 Infantry

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    I support many of your changes, although I wish you’d said a bit more about the connections between your rule changes and your goals – why are these rules more realistic? Why are they more balanced? Why are they simpler?

    Prohibiting players from building industrial complexes seems like a step in the wrong direction to me in terms of gameplay – it may be accurate that there was no way to build up, e.g., Thailand into a major industrial power during the course of the war, but are factories in Thailand really taking away part of the fun of the game for people? Also, what about moderately industrialized areas (Manchuria, Norway, Romania, Brazil, Urals) and heavily industrialized areas (Northwest Europe, France) that start the game without a factory? Is there a reason to prevent players from building factories there?

    I’m not sure I understand your rules for building infantry without factories. Is the rule that you can build up to 1 infantry per IPC value of each territory, each turn, by paying 3 IPCs per infantry? Can you do this even before you lose your last factory? For example, can the UK mobilize 4 new infantry in Africa on its first turn? Can Germany mobilize 2 new infantry in Finland and 2 new infantry in Romania on its first turn? If so, have you playtested any of those changes?

    Finally, at 20 IPCs, Battleships are a somewhat marginal purchase even with free repairs – do you expect players to buy any BBs if they have to pay 5 IPCs at a friendly factory to repair them?

  • I am trying to make it slightly more realistic while still trying to keep it as simple as possible. I am still open to changes as I get more games in with these rules and see what works and what does not.

    The extra starting units is meant to balance the start and eliminate the need (or want) for a bid.

    Giving AAA an attack and defense value makes them feel like a unit and makes them more useful for 5 IPCs.

    Giving transports defense is more realistic as they would have had some weaponry or escort. They still have to be taken last as casualties.

    Lowering Bombers and fighters stats makes ships more relevant.

    No new industrial complexes makes it harder for Japan to go for Moscow, and just makes the game feel more realistic in general.

    Loosing your money when your capital is captured was gamey. Now you can still produce units as long as you control an industrial complex.

    Producing infantry was meant to be if you no longer controlled any industrial complexes. All the rules of industrial complexes still apply (you cannot produce more than the territory’s value, and you cannot produce on territories that you just captured that turn.

  • Updated. Simplified the rules more.

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