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Some pictures of our painted units (Axis & Allies Club Danmark)

  • We just finished an Axis & Allies playing weekend yesterday. Wanted to show you some of our painted units.
    IMG_0487.jpg IMG_0496.jpg IMG_0503.jpg

  • Love the tiger 2 & othe rpanzer paint schemes: well done!

  • @Harvard3X1 Thanks for the comment 🙂
    The Panther is the regular panzer. The Tiger 2 is SS-Panzer and the E100 is Heavy SS- Panzer
    The SS-Panzer can be produced by a max of 4 from round “late 1942” and cost 2 IPC upgraded from a normal panzer in Berlin. Attack at 4 and defend at 5
    The Heavy SS-Panzer can be produced by a max of 2 from round “late 1944” and cost 2 IPC upgraded from a SS-Panzer in Berlin. Attacks and Defends at 5 and uses 2 dice. Its has 2 Hit Points as capital ships.

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