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  • Hey Guys played 1914 once like a while ago.

    Anyways I was just wondering if I call wizards of the coast will they give extra pieces. Why do I literally have just the amount of infantry needed for germany. I started with 1 sub and I know this because I have A GERMAN sub from a&a europe so I can have both sub placement. Then on chips If i could use the other games chips to match these ones I would but there is so few and they are just going to run out. Any ideas or do I have to go through HBG and buy infantry and small sized chips.

    You would think after spending over 100 dollars on a game they would have the neccessary pieces.

  • If you want extra pieces but don’t want to buy an extra copy of the game, I find that HBG and Ebay are the best sources for extra pieces. Ebay sellers often part out game sets just like HBG does. Just look around for the best price.

  • Well I bought some pieces from HBG. Bought more than I needed but thats mostly because I love the ottoman color of troops haha.

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