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  • Hey, I just got Europe 1940 (at a thrift store for a dollar, Incredible find) and I had a question about blitzing. Here’s the situation: I have an Italian tank in Trans-Jordan, can I blitz through un-activated Iraq and attack Syria that same turn? Does activating a friendly neutral require staying in that territory or can I just blitz through?


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    Activating a neutral takes place during non-combat movement (since the friendly neutral is not “hostile territory”), so you cannot actually blitz that territory.

    To be more specific, page 10 of the rulebook states “They [friendly neutrals] can be moved into (but not through) as a noncombat move by land units of a power that is at war.”

    Note that you can blitz an unfriendly neutral (in your case, a pro-allied neutral) during your combat move, since this neutral is considered “hostile territory.”

    Hope that helps!

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    @Cpl-Hicks said in Question about Blitzing:

    In my opinion. Yes, you can! However only as a part of a Non-Comabt move.

    This isn’t quite correct, since it says you can move into the neutral but not through the neutral. Your unit stops in the friendly neutral and the neutral becomes your territory at the end of the noncombat phase.

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