Help needed to create A&A game night playlist

  • Hello,

    it’s been a while since I last posted to forum, as my “brother-in-arms” is taking on a bit of hiatus from Axis & Allies to build a business. However, we have planned a weekend-long G40 live match somewhere around late April. As I tend to get excited easily I have already started to gather up World War 2 era songs for a Spotify playlist to bring atmosphere. Sure, ready-made lists already exists, but I find them to lean bit too much to American and British music.

    I now have some 120 songs spanning almost 7 hours, but as we all know G40 games tend to last lot longer. This is why I kindly ask for your help and expertise to expand my playlist and uncover more songs from the said era!

    I have tried to build a balance where every nation participated in the war have at least some representation. As a Finn, I started with Finnish songs and marches, then moved on to the German marches. I haven’t have much luck finding German popular music from the time. I then added a bunch of American and British music. I was also able to track down few Russian and Italian wartime songs. A friend of mine helped me find Japanese marches and pop songs, but I couldn’t resist the urge to throw in some traditional Japanese music also. Edith Piaf is of course ‘a must’. As to much surprise there exists fragments of speeches from Chamblerlain, Churchill, Roosevelt and even Hitler on Spotify, so I added some of those to the mix.

    So, I pretty much have American/British, Finnish and German portion covered. This is where you guys come in; help me balance out my playlist. I’m particularly interested in “minor power” songs; Axis satellite states, Poland, Jugoslavia, Norway, Greece and so on. Of course all suggestions are welcome!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Not all of these compositions have actual lyrics, but here are some WWII (or WWII-appropriate) musical pieces that you might enjoy:

    • Marche Lorraine (composed by Louis Ganne)

    • Prussia’s Glory (composed by Johann Gottfried Piefke)

    • Katyusha (composed by Matvey Blanter)

    • The Sacred War (music by Aleksandr Aleksandrov; lyrics are by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach)

  • @CWO-Marc
    Great stuff, thank you very much! I added those to the list, alongside with some more snippets of famous speeches.

    What I forgot to tell you guys, is that I made the list public so anyone and everyone of you can enjoy it. You can find it on Spotify, it’s a playlist named simply “World War II”. Its cover picture is the most generic photo of a German soldier throwing a hand grenade (got a bit lazy with that one). Any comments about the playlist is welcome and I’m still looking for more songs to add to it!

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    Here are a few more; the WWII-era US military videos are fun to watch, and the orchestration / performance of the service songs in question is quite lively and enthusiastic.
    SERVICE SONGS - Soundies , The Caissons Go Rolling Along , The Marines Hymn
    SEMPER PARATUS - The United States Coast Guard Song
    Red Army Choir: Polyushka Polye (“Oh Fields, Our Fields”; music composed by Lev Knipper; lyrics by Viktor Gusev, 1933)
    Soviet Army March “Moscow in May” (music: Dmitry and Daniil Pokrass; lyrics: Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, 1937)

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