A question on battleship etiquette when assigning damage

  • Scenario: Germany sends 1 battleship and 1 destroyer to attack a UK fleet of 2 destroyers.

    Round 1: Germany rolls two hits. UK rolls one hit.

    Question: Is it considered bad form for the German player to assign the single hit to his battleship and save his destroyer from sinking? In other words, is it generally permissible for battleships to be used as hit sinks to spare smaller units from destruction? Do house rules ever prevent or discourage this damage assignment strategy?

  • @655321
    It is permitted and not at all considered bad form. It would be expected from you.

    If my opponent would NOT tip his battleship, I would probably ask him if he’s sure.

  • That’s good to know, thank you! I don’t want to appear to be playing dirty. :innocent:

  • Whenever there would only be 1 possible hit from a defending unit/ship that’s been hit by the attacker, we don’t even bother rolling because we all do now it’s going on the BB. Not at all bad form. I’d think you’re crazy if you didn’t.

  • The fact that a BB can take a hit is factored into it’s cost, so it is expected that you would soak up hits with it’s ability. Remember, you paid for that when you purchased it. If you think about it like that then it is sort of like suggesting that it is bad form to hit on a 4 when you attack with a bomber, and reducing it to 3.

    If you are playing with new players and are worried that they forgot about this ability and didn’t factor it into their attack plans then I would just remind them before the battle and allow them to adjust their plans if needed.

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