• Recently I was playing Japan, while on my final push into India, my opponent brought down a force of Chinese infantry only and took FIC.  The rules state that a mixed force of U.S. and Chinese forces and the U.S. gets the IPC’s for the territory.  My friend felt that since the Chinese and the U.S. where allied that the U.S. should get the income, I said that it should become Chinese. He still had the U.S. fighter in Szechwan and could have brought it into play but did not use it. I was wondering if there is a rule I might have overlooked covers that, or has anybody else done a similar thing and how did you resolve it?

  • Who controls territories captured by the Chinese depends on the composition of ground forces use to effect the capture.  If only Chinese units capture the territory (that is, only US air units participated in the attack) then the territory must be Chinese and cannot be American.  If only US units capture the territory then it must be American.  If a combination of US and Chinese ground units capture the territory then the attacking player decides whose control marker goes on the territory.  This rule applies to FIC and Siam.  For Manchuria, Korea and Shantung, these territories are alway Chinese controlled after they are captured by any of the Allies.  Chinese troops cannot be involved in the capture of any other territories because they are never allowed on transports and any other terrritory they take would simply be liberating the territory for China or India.

    In the examply you have used the “income” must go to the Chinese.  The Chinese will not get IPCs, they will get 1 extra infantry to place at the end of their next turn if they hold FIC at the beginning of the next US turn.


  • thank you for clarifying that.

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