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    Hello all,

    Greg sent out an email today that we will be having a new AAZ tournament at Gencon 2019. I’m pretty likely to go–and would appreciate having a committed and experienced teammate as in many cases, team-mates are assigned based on participation and signup, and people double book events. That means that you may be assigned a teammate, but also that in subseqent rounds, play alone if that person has other comittments–Greg tries to give everyone a chance to play. If you’re interested in a prospective “Bold n Cold 2019” team with me, PM.

    Not so sure that cramming or strategizing is going to be as effective as with other versions, also this helps narrow down what bid is required to want to play a given side, and while I’d confidently say “Axis” in this one, how much is the real question as you have to bid live and go in willing to win with either side.

    Ikusa will also have a tournament, I like this game but its not nearly as compelling as AxA and there were several casual games that needed relief players last year. Not sure what will be omitted in order to make room for AAZ, or if it will have the 25+ players interested in going all the way 2-3 days. Some of the tournament schedules may require attendance on Thursday or Sunday, which many people would tend skip one or both of these days, or keep them open for new games and tryouts.

    All the best, see you at Gencon? Maybe?

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    @taamvan Was there a date provided? I might be able to get time off work to go as long as there’s no other personal life conflicts.

    Additionally, what ruleset (if any) did Gred propose?

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    Gencon is August 1-4, 2019, in Indianapolis, IN.

    AAZ; OOB, with bid for choice of sides, one would presume. Greg publishes his own tournament rulesets on www.headlesshorseman2.com, these sometimes state a fixed bid–but usually, they are focused on time limits, format, adjudicating disputes, etc. He runs many tournaments, and all in the same area. Qualifier days/times are TBD but for the main (42.2) tourney, its 2 games fri, 2 game sat, 1 final sunday, I think.

    Signup is based on a first-come, first serve basis, once events go live. Greg submits events, once approved, they are open for registration and can fill up quickly. In fact, everything surrounding gencon fills up quickly (parking, hotel, any limited seating events) and I’d recommend you establish your logistical/travel/accomodiation plans before summer begins.

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    @taamvan I’ll check tonight to see if I have anything going on that weekend (not sure yet + I’m away right now). I’ll get back to you one way or the other.

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    No worries bro, I am more likely to play in an AxA tourney if I have a solid and reliable partner, but I also like to play a variety of games; tournaments take a pretty big commitment (G42: wake at 8AM play till 6PM 4 days in a row. 42.2; the late morning/early evening of both primetime days).

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    @taamvan Turns out I can’t make it due to a prior family commitment, but there’s always future tournaments to look forward to!

  • Thanks Taamvan for the props…yes, I will be having a Zombie tournament at GEN CON. I am excited about it and really trying to nail down all the rules questions before then.

    And yes, I have a tendency to lean towards the Axis as well and it will be interesting to see how much they are will to give up in a 3 hour game.

    Right now, these are only preliminary but here is what I have come up with so far…


    Also, there will be some rule changes especially with the zombie cards and techs. I will keep you posted.

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