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Selling advice.

  • I own a copy of AA 1941. I just got Anniversary edition and I was wondering if I should sell or throw away my 1941 game. It is missing some origional Soviet Union pieces and a US destroyer. I made more with a mold set I had (They are white). It is also missing some national control markers. Is it worth any thing?

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    My advice would be to keep it. I’ll admit to bias, but I think that between the map and the pieces there’s a good game inside that box, albeit one that could use some help getting out. eBay is selling new games for $20-$25, so the amount you could make selling it is limited.

    If you decide to piece it out, I would keep the American fighters, the British transports, the Russian tanks and carriers, the German tanks, and the Japanese battleships and carriers. But that’s me, you do you.


  • I am also thinking about donating it to the Habitat of Humanity. If I did keep it, I wouldn’t ever play it again. So if your opinion remains the same, I will probably donate it.

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    If you are dead set on never playing it, my suggestion would be to offer it on the marketplace sub-forum here for cost of shipping (free for whoever wants to pay the shipping cost). That way someone looking to get one cheap will be helped out and you’ll know the person who gets it wanted it.

    But donating to Habitat for Humanity is not a bad idea either.

    My 2 IPCs,


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    Just donate it. Who knows? You might just inspire the next generation of A&A Players.

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    craigslist–selling games locally means no tax no shipping…board games are bulky and buyers tend not to want to pay for shipping on top of paying close to or above MSRP. Also we have alot of church and raffle sales locally so for a $1-$3 cut they display, store and allocate the profits.

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    You could probably sell it for a few dollars locally (i.e. sell it in a way that doesn’t involve shipping costs), as Taamvan suggests, but I doubt that there would be much interest in an out-of-town sale, given that the game is missing some of its original pieces. A&A 1941 is still in print, and is the cheapest of the A&A games on the market, so when you factor in the shipping costs a potential out-of-town buyer could probably find a brand-new copy for about the same price. DoManMacgee’s donation idea is a good one; youngsters who’ve never played A&A won’t be bothered by the replacement sculpts, and as DoManMacgee said this would foster the next generation’s interest in the game. My own preference would be in line with Midnight Reaper’s suggestion to cannibalize the game for its sculpts, which are unique to the 1941 version of the game. I own multiple copies of 1941 for exactly that reason. The American P-40 Warhawk gives you exactly the right fighter to use for China’s Flying Tiger unit in the 1940 game; the British naval transport and the Soviet carrier correct the 1940 game’s lack of nation-specific sculpts for those units; and the battlecruisers (British and Japanese) and heavy tanks (Russian and German) provide good opportunites for house-ruled special units in the 1940, 1942 and Anniversary games.

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