Value of mint 1984 MB Gamemaster edition?

  • Greetings, everyone.

    First time poster here. I’m only here because I found a mint-in-box, unopened/shrink-wrapped version of Axis and Allies MB Gamemaster (Copyright 1984) that I have had for years.

    I bought it New at a hobby store here in Cincinnati in maybe 1999 or 2000. It still has the price tag on it ($39.98).

    I kept it mint all these years thinking I’d get around to opening it one day and maybe playing it with my kids (they’re about the same age now when I played it with friends in high school in the late 80s). We just haven’t got around to it. And I’ve moved it from house to house to house. It has just been in storage all this time.

    I’m thinking of maybe finding out its value, if there’s interest. Anyone know? Google and eBay haven’t been much help.

    Thanks in advance, everyone.

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    As a general collectibles matter, its probably worth only a small premium over its MSRP. There are jillions of copies of that game, and most people who want one, have one. Many copies are parted out. Since it is in mint condition, you may find a buyer in the $60-$70 range, but shipping larger boxes usually costs $20-30, which a buyer wont pay both (the premium and the shipping, typically). My mother bought a copy of fortress america years ago off ebay, in used condition, for about $70, but since then there are many more outlets to sell, many copies of each item listed and competing with one another for the price point.

    Entirely my opinion though, you may find a buyer here or on craigslist who can make the price work for you.

  • I am interested in buying this, if the price is right.
    PM if you are still looking to sell it.

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