Suggested builds and stratagy for a 150 point axis army

  • I’m new to this game and would be thankful for some tips!
    My army I usally play with now

    1xMG 42 Machine-Gun Team
    2xPanzerfaust 30
    1xTiger I
    1xPAK 40 Antitank Gun
    1xWehrmacht Expert Sniper
    1xWehrmacht Oberleutnant
    1xVigilant Lieutenant
    2x20mm Flak 38

    Total Points= 150
    I don’t have all these units but the boardgame peices marked with differnt sharpy designs seems to work ok.

    I know this army was problems, for instance it is axis and only has one tank.
    However, their are so many units and it is hard for me to tell wich ones can be usful and wich ones can’t.
    Allso, any tactics that anyone has found useful I would love to hear, especaily if they apply to this type of army!

    Thank You In Advance!

  • Can’t go wrong with the SS Panzergrenadiers.  Good accuracy and great defence.  I actually like the Oberlieutenant best of all officers because he is great for the attack.  For tanks, I use two Panzer Ausf IV’s and either one heavy hitter (like the Nashorn) when I’m going to be on defence, or a larger and more balanced force for attack.

  • Personally i would stay close to the SS n general, maybe a haupsturmfuhurer and some stormtroopers, panzergrenadiers, panzerscrek, and maybe a F2. PEACE

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Replace the MG-42 for 2 more SS-Panzergrenadiers

  • What if I took out the aint aircraft guns to put in fighters?

    How effective are they in combat?

    What ones should I buy?

  • i personally take a para or 2.  theres nothing worse than a 82 MM mortar and a borfors sitting in the back of a map in total cover giving you hell.  the mortar is just plain brutal with a spotter.  you have to have something to take it out quickly. cause if he is deep in the forest, you might never get there till turn 6 or later.  which is too late

  • @argarus:

    i personally take a para or 2.

    The German paratroopers came out!?! I keep throwing out my friggin’ list each time I buy a set III box, so this is quite a serious question.

    Anyway, the Oberlt. is really one of my favorite commanders right now. I wound up scoring him in my first set III booster, so I got lucky. He shows up in every game now (much to my chagrin).


  • Founder TripleA Admin

    There are no German paratroopers. Depending on the rules that you are using, the Axis player can use German and Japan on the same force.

  • @djensen:

    There are no German paratroopers. Depending on the rules that you are using, the Axis player can use German and Japan on the same force.

    Damn, he got my hopes up. I keep throwing out my checklists by accident. Hah! :(


  • Can’t go wrong with the Tiger-1, but I’d kick at least one captain and some other small stuff in favor of a Brummbar. As stated in another topic, an MG-42 along with a Brummbar can be nasty. Also, if your enemy is an aircraft junkie, forgo the Flaks and go for a Wirbelwind.

  • For 8 more points, instead of a Tiger I, you can use a King Tiger.  It doesnt dwarf the Tiger I, but it looks scary on the battlefield and the stats are scary too, so id use it for psychological warfare.  You know……make them crap their pants.  :lol:

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