Great game, although a little confused about power balance.

  • Well my friend bought this game 2 weeks ago, never heard of it until he bought it, but I must say I have found my new favorite game to play.  I have been on here reading a lot of posts about everything getting ideas, and I am a little confused because everyone says the allies are more powerful but in the 7 games that we have played, the allies have not won a single time.  Is this normal?  I am a pretty good competitor/strategist so maybe I am just chucking it up to good strategy on the side of the axis.  I have been germany 4 times (luck of the draw) so I am pretty well versed in their tactics now and don’t have too hard of a time disrupting the coordiation of the allies and maintaining my hold against the russians, and maintaining control of the north atlantic sea.  I played japan for the first time last night and my friend was germany also for the first time (2 vs 2), and we dominated pretty much the entire game.  The final dagger in the heart came when one of my friends got greedy with a massive US navy that was heading to an empty japan to bombard it, he left the us capital city open like an idiot and we took it for a turn, but it was enough to take all his money and finally solidify our game.  I had pretty much dominated BK in both the china pass and in india(not after some close and heated battles, man bk can really stack up india if they are left to do so).  I still have not had a chance to try out russia or america, but I think maybe where the allies are failing is the fact that the american competitor always seems to drag his heels about what he wants to do.  I am not really sure though, I want to try America because I feel like I could bring a win for the allies for a change since I have some good ideas from this board, I just wanted some people’s opinions on if they felt the axis was overpowered or if the allies just need to get their act together 🙂  Thanks

  • The allies just have to get thier act together. If you are having no problem controling the N.Atlantic with Germany, and putting pressure on Russia then I attribute that to poor play by the allies. The first thing you can do is forget about spending any time in the pacific. Use those three allied economies and go after germany. It’s all about buying transports and ground units with UK and US and finding a way to funnell them in somewhere to support Russia

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    And if Germany don´t buy navy units to North sea in G1 it is mandatory for UK to wipe it on UK 1. (in my oppinion.)

  • Allies will always lose IF they don’t join their forces!!!
    by the way: the same goes for the Axis…

    Don’t spend too much money on expensive naval units!
    We made this error several times and this way we had our most expensive battle ever…
    see another thread on the board:

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    Axis and Allies is a game of Coordination and Team Play… When you sit down with your “allies” you need to set out a plan to achieve victory so that you won’t be going in 50 million separate directions, not achieving anything cause your forces don’t work together… Try the Allies next time and play the KGF (Kill-Germany-First) and Shuck-Shuck (Transporting Units to Britain for Invasion of Fortress Europe)… This is the general win-win strat for the Allies (although not fool proof)… In this one you will have to plan a Fleet “cover” for all those Tranny’s crossing treks… Russia will need to play it defensive, Trying  to establish DeadZones (areas where neither player will move into because they know they will lose if they do), and building a minor Offensive power for both Eastern and Western Fronts… Americans and Possibly the British T1 will want to commit forces to Afrika to keep it open and keeping the cash going… If you do, do this do not build an IC in India… you can’t afford to have both… Instead, build more Land units to shuck after a beachhead has been established…

    just some thoughts… Remember Coordination, Coordination, Coordination…


  • Okay I will give the allies a go next time I play.  I am anxious because I have played about 10 times and still have not had a chance to check out Russia or America.  I think it is more important for the allies to be coordinated than the axis.  A few questions though regarding the allies strategy:

    what about bombers from britain, are they worth investing in for strategic bombing raids, you could buy one more then roll for heavy bombing and could practically hit germany for 16 ipcs a turn, or does this not work out?  also where do you guys drop transports off for both the UK and America, ive played with the UK and generally I establish north atlantic dominance and then I shuffle guys up in that northern most stretch of sea that feeds directly into Russia.  With America is it more worthwhile to transport units the same route or should I be trying to directly offload them into german territory, or should I just hit them from the western side of america, or is there too much ground to cover in russia going that route?  Thanks for the suggestions.Â

  • A suggestion for you, so you will have the chance to play USA and Russia.

    Go with match play.  Set the victory conditions for the 5 game match. You will play each of the countries once. Draw for pairings for each game, thus changing the partner structure.

    Who ever collects the most victories, wins the match. Break any tie by head-to-head.

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