• Hello Everyone,

    After playing Axis and Allies and Global War for a long time, I’ve gotten to the point where I Want to make some home treaties, or deals that can be signed (like Ribbentrop Pact). I was wondering if anyone has done this, or had any ideas?

    One I was planning on doing was a deal between Germany and Italy, since Germany gave them a lot of their equipment when it became outdated to Germany. A limited amount of resources, while at the cost of Italy having to go to war with Germany.


  • I would like to see a mechanism like this in the game as well, either pre-set agreements at the start of the game, potential agreements that can be triggered by certain conditions, or players coming up with their own agreements based on lend/lease, territorial promises, trading resources, non-aggression treaties, declarations of war, etc.

    It seems that the “Diplomacy” expansion set helps facilitate, but not nearly on the level you’re thinking.

  • Historically, the type of agreements countries made during this time included:
    -Diplomatic Relations: Before countries could negotiate treaties, they had to establish diplomatic relations in order to facilitate any agreements between the two nations. Diplomatic Relations could also be broken off (like many South American countries did with the Axis powers).
    -Mutual Defense Pacts: Two or more countries agree that if one is attacked, the other will come to their aid.
    -Treaties of friendship: These treaties express friendly diplomatic relations and cooperation between the two countries, though doesn’t necessarily mean mutual defense in the event of an attack by a third country.
    -Trade Agreements: Trade of resources and/or capital.
    -Non-Aggression Treaties: Two countries agree not to go to war with one another.
    -Spheres of influence: Countries agree to partition a country, or region, into “spheres of influence” where the territory is divided between the two nations.
    -Allied Conferences: The allies held conferences throughout the war to coordinate their war efforts.
    -Intervention in Minor Wars: Powers would intervene in small wars around the world, supporting one side or the other.
    -Appeasement: They would allow concessions to territorial expansion of certain powers.
    -Embargo: Countries agreed not to trade with a third party.
    -Governments in Exile: Conquered nations often continued the fight by moving their government to Allied occupied areas (usually London).
    -Puppet States: Conquering nations would often set up Puppet regimes loyal to, and controlled by them.

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