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Zombie's 1942 card with Anniversary

  • Zombies give you cards for 1942. I won a free copy of Anniversary at Wizards and I notice that Wizard has a 1942 setup so I was wondering if those 42 cards in Zombie work on the Anniversary board?

  • @Caesar-Seriona They will work with most versions of A&A.
    The issue will be that Anniversary and Global have more territories on the map than1942 2ed.
    Some have suggested using a die to decide. (if 1942 has one territory but the other has three, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 die roll to see who gets the zombies)
    You might run short of zombies as well, but painting up some infantry from a parts game should work well.

    I don’t think anything else is needed.

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