My First Game

  • Just paused my first axis and allies game. It was AWESOME! I played as Axis and my friend played as the Allies. It was a great game, but playing from 8 pm to 5 am we needed to put it on pause. It went something like this:

    First few rounds: Germany pushes into Soviet Union getting one territory away from the capital
    UK builds up MASSIVE navy to destroy all German/Italian ships and keep a way open to invade Germany
    USSR just tries to survive
    Italy pushes into Africa but gets bombed and fighter piloted by US, losing it (ships are destroyed so trapped in starting places)
    Japan explodes, invading everywhere in sight and meeting the US navy

    Next few rounds: following repeated attacks from UKs planes and amphibious assaults, France falls
    Soviets somehow halt the German advance but abandon the East
    Japan has almost all of China and is beginning to take the Eastern Soviet Union, all the while mobbing ships to hold off the US and taking the UK’s undefended colonies
    US and Italy build up (minor battles between US and Japan in the sea)

    Later: thanks to the fall of France Germany’s Eastern front is weakened (to defend and counterattack) and to my horror USSR occupies most of Europe, right up to Germany-Germany is now caught between UK’s French army and the USSR army to the East
    Italy and Germany alternate retaking France from UK-not strong enough to hold it (I think we’ve had 3-4 D-Days by now)
    Soviets move all European troops into Poland and Hungary while Germany prepares for a massive battle for the capital
    Japan continues its trek through northern USSR and fighter planes and infantry take all of China, now at the borders of southern USSR (while taking all of UK’s colonies from Persia over-he spent so much on D-Days, ships and planes he didn’t have enough money to fortify his colonies)
    US launches a risky attack on a southern Japanese fleet: 5 fighters, 1 battleship vs 2 battleships, 2 fighters and an aircraft carrier-Japan emerges victorious, destroying all attackers and only losing the aircraft carrier (that’s true samurai for ya)

    BATTLE OF GERMANY: USSR attacks with 5 tanks 2 infantry and 3 fighters vs 7 tanks 3 infantry and 1 fighter (Germany’s weakened from fighting for France/Northwestern Europe, USSR keeps many troops close to the capital to await Japanese forces)
    it is a brutal battle, with great rolling from both sides, and it could have gone both ways at many points, but when the smoke clears a single unit remains-Germany’s fighter has won the day

    So that’s where we paused it: Japan at 49 IPCs, US still at 40, Germany at 27, USSR at 26, UK at 24, Italy still at 10
    Japan has the upper hand in the Pacific with Infantry, Artillery, Tanks, Bombers, and Fighters all speeding towards the Eastern European front, Japan poised to strike at the weakened American Navy, Europe nearly emptied of all troops from the Battle for Germany (except France-1 German tank, 1 infantry, Italy-1 infantry and 1 tank, Hungary-1 Italian infantry, and Buglaria-2 Italian tanks, 2 artillery, 1 infantry), UK with 2 tanks and 2 infantry on transports (D-Day 5) but drained of ground troops otherwise but the UK and US’s fleets controlling the Western waters

    Is this how a fairly common theme among Axis and Allies? Japan seems to be the only Axis doing well at the moment, with Germany just hoping to survive long enough for Japan to stop the Soviets. UK’s horde of ships prevent Italy’s expansion into Africa, US not having conquered or having anywhere taken, Russia invaded by Japan. I was surprised at the succes of the Soviet counterattack, all but defeating the Germans.

    Thoughts on this game? Tips for future games? Is this how most games go or is this pretty different? Thanks for taking the time to read this! Only my first game but I LOVE this game already!

  • Re: My First Gameit was with the British and Russians all I did was build navy with them and then the Germans were into Russia then I just took their capital but America had collapsed somehow not paying attention then retook it with United Kingdom

  • Hi

    Thanks for sharing! It was fun to read through your game progression. My son and I are playing AA50 a lot lately and this is pretty similar to how our last one went. Keep playing and try different sides and different strategies each time as you get started. You will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.


  • Strategies to win with the Allies: Kill Germany First (KGF).
    Bomb the Germans with USA, UK invasion force (with some USA support)
    Russia holds, expands as western allies open new front.

    Japan can help Germany hold on by back door pressure on Africa (take UK money) Japanese ftrs landing in Europe to help defend key territories.

    Summarizing… if playing to win, games will go mostly along these lines. Of course, the allies can always TRY to get cute and go after Japan, but that is VERY HARD, especially against a good Jap player, mainly because there is no true monetary reward for USA when confronting the IJN.

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