Needed Units for Global War 36-45

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    I get a lot of questions about what people should buy for Global War. I finally took the time to sit down and make out a list. You will find the 4 page document in the description box of this video;

  • I tried downloading your list of units but the pages are all black so I can’t read what is written on them. Is it just me? Perhaps because I’m doing this on my phone?

    No rush or anything, it’s nothing too pressing. Just curious as to what needs to be purchased on top of one set of global 40. Unfortunately, this might be a board game that is way too expensive for me to purchase, which is a shame cause it does look like a lot of fun. I have one copy of Europe and Pacific 1940.2 each, supplemented by a 1942.2 game. I tried putting in an order just for fun for everything else I’d need for GW36 and it ran me to about $290+ without taxes and I live in Canada so I’d imagine shipping charges might be a tad higher then usual. This isn’t a complaint about the price being too high either, for the game experience I imagine one gets from playing GW36 I am sure it is worth it.

    On that note, I enjoyed your 36-45 playtest video series. Kinda what made me start looking into this game

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    Yea I had the black pages issue to.

    I was using a iMac computer.

    Finally got it to work using Adobe software to open it up.

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    That must be it. I have a mac and I didn’t have any problem downloading it just now. Try doing it on something other than your phone.

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    Your a good man Grenade. Much success to you!

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