First Impressions

  • The zombie mechanic is definitely interesting, even if it’s not my favorite thematic addition. It’s really overriding years of “instincts”

    Granted we are playing our first game, and there are beverages involved, but first glance it looks like Germany can just steamroll russia by buying a bunch of artillery or tanks while Japan gobbles up the eastern territories. But at the same time it seems like a giant battle would have some pretty big zombie ramifications that on the odds make attacking harder with 2 A sides.

    Also, maybe it’s just the luck of the rolls, but it seems like we are getting a lot more “D” rolls than would be expected. I don’t know much about weighting of dice but could that actually be a factor, as the D side is hollowed out a bit but the opposite is flat. (A side’s are opposite each other)

    Anyways, it’s very interesting to see what cards come up. I think there were 7 in a row that put a zombie in one of my territories before my opponent’s territory got hit. Zombies landing on islands sure can screw up things. All in all, a good twist that might be fun to add to 1942 like the rulebook recommends.

  • I get why people hate this version. It’s a weird theme to play for a serious conception of a game however what I do like about Zombies is that you can have a 100% plan and it can lost because of how unpredictable Zombies can get.

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    IMO the people who hate it never gave it a fair chance and just gawked at the zombie idea. The game has what appear to be serious balance issues but my playgroup and I have had an absolute blast playing it so far due to the chaotic situations that arise.

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    Thats the idea, mix things up. You have lots of options. Its ok…try to win!

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