How do submarines work?

  • Hello all,My group played the submarine the following:

    When there are no destroyers, submarines can submerge or try a sneak attack (hit at 2). When they do a sneak attack, they are not able to attack normally.

    Therefore, in case at attacking a lone cruiser, it can try to kill it in 1 hit, while the cruiser can not shoot back. However, after this try, it can not attack again for a second hit. It exchanges its normal attack for a sneak attack.

    Is this correct?

    Or can a submarine that attack a cruiser first send its sneak attack (torpedo) and in case of miss, start its first round of combat (so another try) however now the cruiser can try to strike back?

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    @Afrikakorps Hi. You are correct. The sub gets only one attack with each round of dice, so if it is able to conduct a surprise (or sneak) attack it does not get a further dice roll when all the other units involved are rolling.

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