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Amphibious Assault

  • It’s not clear to me how airborne participate in an Amphibious Assault.

    In the Anniversary Edition 2017,
    Pag. 17 it is said that in sea combat whether surface enemy warships are presents all sea units and air units MUST participate in the battle.

    Pag.18 referring to the air units the rule states that: each attacking air units may participate in the sea battle or the coastal territory. It cannot do both.

    Since the movement of the airplanes is fixed, I don’t understand how this could be possible.
    Any help in understanding?

    Thank you all. Regards.

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    @mirkobruner Welcome to the forum, mirkobruner 😃

    Page 17 refers to the sea battle. The rule expresses that all present units there must participate in the sea battle. For example you cannot assign the planes to attack enemy sea units to keep the possibility to offshore bombard with your ships. So all units must participate in the sea battle.

    Page 18 refers to the “complete” amphibious assault simply saying that the attacker has to choose which planes attack in the seazone and which planes attack in the territory, as they cannot do both.

    So you are correct - the movement is fixed.
    It is just that the rules you refer to address a different background.

    Does that help? 😃

  • @Panther Perfectly yes. Thank you very much Panther. See you on the battlefront!

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